Creating catchy, unique and uplifting music is budding artists LeXXah Drew and Matthew Sherrixx’s true forte, and with their newest single, they are ready to give listeners a collection of upbeat, versatile beats to move along to.

An up-and-coming phenomenon, LeXXah Drew is a budding singer and songwriter who is on the right track to solidify her position within the diverse and fast-paced musical scene of the Electronic Pop industry. With the unique and enriching compositions of music producer Matthew Sherrixx, the growing powerhouse of talent is driven to reach new heights.

Released on May 25th, 2021, LeXXah Drew and Matthew Sherrixx are proud to announce their newest single “LOUD LOUD LOUD.” Written and performed by the talented LeXXah Drew and produced by Matthew Sherrixx, “LOUD LOUD LOUD” is described by listeners as nothing short of powerful, inspiring, uplifting and exciting.

Designed to make listeners move along to the beat and feel the energy in their veins, this newest single is sure to uplift one’s mood and create an exciting, energetic atmosphere wherever it is played. Through the powerful vocals and spirited beats, LeXXah Drew and Matthew Sherrixx hope that “LOUD LOUD LOUD” can be a source of unwavering positivity and inspiration for their fans, and for it to stand for the independence, happiness and ease in life that they wish to convey through their music. Following are a few comments by Spotify Curators:

“LOUD LOUD LOUD is GOOD GOOD GOOD. Voice is amazing. Like the instrumentation. Like the energy. Danceable even. Well done.”

-MySoundMusic Playlist

“very nice and beautiful song, music gives a lot of energy. the good combination together with a very sweet timbre of voice. the very positive song gives a lot of power to the listeners.”

-Flashing Into Your Eyes Spotify Playlist

Download “LOUD LOUD LOUD” on LeXXah Drew’s official website, buy and add her music to your playlists on any and all digital music platforms, download her acapella records from her show “LIVE with LeXXah Drew” and follow her on social media. Discover more about LeXXah Drew and Matthew Sherrixx on the links below and reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, or promotional access.




Matthew Sherrixx is an independent modern artist from Linz, Austria. He combines Future House with Dubstep and his beats have a nice bassline combined with outstanding vocal chops and catchy melodies. .His music stands for independence, happiness and easiness in life. With his artwork, he is showing his own happiness and also tries to help other people out during challenging times.

LeXXah Drew is an eclectic songwriter and diverse range vocalist from Muhammad Ali’s city, Louisville, Kentucky. Having the ability to vocally and lyrically fit in cross-genres, she can give you Pop, Jazz, Urban, R&B, EDM, and Country all within the course of a record. LeXXah Drew is motivated by music through the sport of basketball, being a fan of it as well as a player, officiator and coach. She is a stepper, visual artist, textile and graphic designer, illustrator, mother and wife and even written and illustrated the beginning works of her own comic book. Her goal is to continue to grow, connect with the right resources and position herself where she can utilize her talents at a global scale and reach the masses.



Name: LeXXah Drew
Email: [email protected]