BERLIN (MY LOVE) song release by JAZZ AT HEART

„Name it Rock, Metal, Jazz, Pop, Classic, Latin, Crossover and whatever, it’s just music by JAZZ AT HEART“”

— Gustav Steinhoff, composer and head of JAZZ AT HEART

ROSTOCK-BERLIN, GERMANY, May 25, 2017 — BERLIN, May 25, 2017. Can you imagine a peaceful metropolis with international neighbourhoods enjoying their life dancing together on the street? It’s happening in the German capital Berlin with the 22nd Street Festival Carnival of cultures upcoming on June 2-5, 2017. The German band JAZZ AT HEART commits to Berlin as the place to be with a musical homage BERLIN (MY LOVE) to be released on iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay on June 1, 2017 preceding their new album „Love is the gun“ (release September 2017).

JAZZ AT HEART was founded in 2004 by Gustav Steinhoff (keyboards) and Christina Jaschkowiak (vocal), both heart physicians with empathic dedication to jazz and modern music. The band comes now up with their fifth album release “Love is the gun” involving the jazz singers Christina Jaschkowiak, Della Miles and Marie-Luise Boening as well as six top instrumentalists. Their unique musical setup puts Jazz as the frame of modern music styles. And what about Berlin? Is it a special place for integration of cultures forming a neighbourhood? “First, it was just this extra song about and the ideal picture of native and alien people dancing together on the street – and now you can see this happening in Berlin“ says Christina Jaschkowiak.

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Trailer JAZZ AT HEART album release “Love is the gun”