Local musicians have undertaken a marathon project to support to a seriously ill Coventry schoolboy while highlighting the best in the city’s musical talent.

Hillz FM DJ Paul Sanders teamed up with performers Taylor-Louise Thomas and Matt Cattell to perform songs at 24 locations of importance across the city to “showcase the history, present and tuture of Coventry”, while wearing Paddy’s Plea t-shirts to raise awareness of the plight of Paddy Igoe – a 12-year-old boy with a rare autoimmune disease.

Paddy was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia earlier this, with treatment needed including a bone marrow transplant. However, finding a donor is difficult, as Paddy has a rare tissue type.

Speaking of the feat, Paul said: “We did this to showcase the history, present and future of Coventry and it’s surroundings.

“But we did it more to spread the word of Paddy’s Plea. We are now looking bigger for next year to try and find that one person who has that vital stem cell to keep him alive.

“This is a very important charity that has taken Coventry by storm – but to find that one match for this young boy, the charity needs to grow and go further.”

Paddy Igoe, from Earlsdon, was recently diagnosed with aplastic anaemia a serious disease which requires regular blood transfusions and can be treated with a bone marrow transplant from another individual who has the same tissue type.

The music marathon got underway early on Monday morning  with a song at the changing rooms at  Barker Butts Rugby club, before filling the rest of the morning with visits to Jepheson Park, Stoneleigh Abbey, Midland Air Museum and  the Coventry Canal Basin.

A frantic afternoon saw them perform at venues such as Lychgate Cottages, St Mary’s Guildhall, Coventry Cathedrall, Herbert Art Gallery, Central Library and Zoe’s Place.

Speaking of the project, Paul said: “With City Of Culture around the corner I wanted to show that our music scene is the best it has been for nearly 40 years and it deserves to be noticed. The busking legislation has been lifted and our local musicians deserve to be heard.

“We played one song in each location before moving on to the next one. Both Taylor-Louise and Matt played at a location in which no other musician has ever performed.

“I want to thank all the locations, the staff the local people and all the supporters of our challenge and the awareness for Paddy.

“It was an incredible thing and the videos are going to be available on both Facebook and YouTube. So the more people share these videos the better for grabbing the awareness.”

24 mini gigs itinerary

8.40am: Barker Butts Rugby Changing Rooms

9.20am: Jepheson Park in Leamington

9.45am: Stoneleigh Abbey

10.25am: Midland Air Museum

11am: Charterhouse

11.30am: Coventry Canal Basin

12pm: Transport Museum

12.20: Old Grammar School

1pm: The Lychgate Cottages

1.20pm: St Mary’s Guildhall

1.35pm: Coventry Cathedral

1.40pm: Cathedral Spire

2.15pm: Herbert Art Gallery

2.30pm: Undercroft

3pm: Central Library

3.20pm: Tomlinson Florists

3.40pm: The Albany Theatre

4pm: Coventry Rugby Ground

4.20pm: Coventry Boys & Girls Club

4.40pm: Fargo Village Twisted Barrel

5pm: Zoe’s Place

5.25pm: The Shepard Pub Cellar

5.45pm: Brook lands Stables

6.15pm: Middle England Farm Alpacas

Paddy’s Mum Donna said: “When they got in touch to say what they were doing and asked if they could wear the t-shirts were totally overwhelmed.

“I think it’s a really amazing, and selfless thing to do – we are extremely grateful for the effort they put in to keep Paddy’s Plea current and on people’s mind.

Isabella, Molly, Donna, Jack, Shaun and Paddy Igoe

“We have a long unpredictable road ahead but things like this helps us keep the campaign going.”

You can find more information about Paddy and to find out how you can take a swab test to see if you have the required tissue type, visit the Paddy’s Plea Facebook page .


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