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Williamsport, Pennsylvania – June 16, 2020 – Loni Gamble spent the first chapter of his career as a guitar player for the Grammy-nominated Stylistics. After going solo he found success with his hit 1984 single “Could It Be Love.” Today, the Philadelphia-born singer-songwriter has become an international sensation with his latest, charitable song, “3 Steps.” 

“3 Steps” is as entertaining as it is moving. Energetic from the press of play, it’s inspired a dance craze that has people around the internet showing off their best steps. This song isn’t only about a great beat though. It’s also about giving back. As the founder and executive director of CAPPA and the Young Gentlemen Performing Arts and Life Skills Project, Gamble wanted to create something he could use to raise awareness and funds for his organization. 

The Young Gentlemen Project is a beloved community program that provides pertinent, hands-on experience and opportunities to young men through the world of music and performing arts. Not everyone learns in the traditional way, so Gamble designed this program to help and inspire at-risk youth to thrive in a different setting that is both creative and educational. 

A portion of sales from ‘3 Steps’ will go to continuing the Young Gentlemen Performing Arts and Life Skills Project. 

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Loni Gamble’s ‘3 Steps’ has become an international hit with people around the world moving their feet to his beat, and it’s all for a great cause. 

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