The theatre star playing Princess Diana in a new stage musical confused Lorraine viewers today – as they insist she looks ‘nothing like’ her.

Natasha John, 26, will be playing the role of the peoples’ princess in Call Me Diana, a stage production about the royal’s life.

The Welsh singer gave a preview of song ‘I Can Only Dream’ live on Lorraine before a sit down interview.

Fans of the late royal won’t be disappointed according to Natasha, who said: “If you loved Diana you will love this show, I promise. The music is amazing, the costumes… if you were a fan of Diana you will love this show.”

But Lorraine viewers took to Twitter to claim that Natasha bares no resemblance to Lady Di.

Natasha John will be playing Princess Diana on the stage

The new musical will be based on the life of Princess Diana
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One viewer said: “Sorry but that girl looks nothing like princess Diana”

“Amazing how donning a short blonde wig makes people think they can look like Diana. Non of them do and this lady is no exception, “added another.

A third agreed: “She looks f*** all like Diana”

““Diana Moosical” ! She looks NOTHING like her,” aid a fourth.

Natasha spoke to Lorraine about taking on the huge role
(Image: ITV)

Natasha sang one of the songs from the musical
(Image: ITV)

Natasha, a hairdresser from the Welsh Valleys, was asked to audition for the musical after being spotted in the ‘unexpected star’ slot on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

Admitting she didn’t know what to expect at first, she said: “Well, when they first called me and said, ‘Diana the musical’, even I thought, ‘This is a bit strange’.

“But when I heard the music and then I read the script, I thought, ‘This is actually a lovely tribute.’

“The lyrics they’ve used are words that she actually said. It’s her story, it’s a tribute.”

Natasha will have to lose her Welsh accent

The Welsh singer revealed she had been practising Diana’s iconic accent.

“I have been told I have to get rid of the Welsh accent,” she confessed with a smile. “I have been watching videos, trying to copy her and do her justice really.”

On taking on the huge role, daunted Natasha said: “I’m a little bit scared to be honest, but it’s going to be fine” said Natasha. “I just keep telling myself, ‘It’s going to be fine, I can do this.’

“She was an icon. I mean the show does go into her heartbreak and the troubles she had because obviously that was part of her life. But the story is a tribute, and it’s a positive tribute to her.”

Natasha hopes the public will love the musical

Natasha is hoping that the public, who adored the late princess, will be pleased with the results of the musical.

She added: “The writers, they wrote this, I think it was 12 years ago, and at the time they thought it was too soon so I’m hoping that now is the right time.”

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