The game uses meditation techniques to calm and soothe players.

Loscil is releasing his soundtrack for Lifelike on December 3rd.

The 14-track album comprises music that Vancouver artist Scott Morgan wrote for Lifelike, an Austrian game available on Apple Arcade. The game uses concepts like “undivided attention” and “swarm behaviour” to focus and calm players into a state akin to meditation.

Earlier this year, Morgan released his 12th album, Equivalents, on Kranky.

Listen to “Rotator.”

Watch a preview video for Lifelike.

01. Persistent

02. Bipolar 1

03. Rotator

04. Pollen

05. Volcano

06. Water Parrot

07. Bush Five

08. Bipolar 2

09. First Transformation

10. Dust Circles

11. Swipe Enforce

12. Tunnels

13. Swarm Around

14. Aquarium

Loscil will self-release Lifelike on December 3rd, 2019.