Family that has loudspeakers business creates nuisance in neighbourhood, unleashes violence

A group of men went rogue and bashed up a man and his family for being asked to switch the music off on January 1. The men had been playing music from morning till late in the night, so Felin Barthalome, a resident of Mariyannapalya in Amruthahalli asked them to turn it off as it was disturbing everyone in the neighbourhood.

Barthalome, 33, a private company employee filed a complaint with the Amruthahalli police on Saturday against the accused, Ullas, Peter, Joseph, Thomas and Rasta.
He told Bangalore Mirror that he has a two-month-old at home, who had been crying continuously due to loud music. “Ullas owns a shop that rents out speakers, tents and other things for ceremonies. His children, Peter, Joseph and Thomas use the speakers to play loud music for all the occasions and create a nuisance in the area. On the evening of December 24 they began playing music for Christmas which went on till 2 am and we had to call the police after which they turned it off. But the next day, they started playing music in the morning and went on till late at night. All the neighbours were disturbed by it but no one spoke against it as they start to threaten us,” said Barthalome.

He said that on January 1, the group again started playing music which was very loud and disturbing everyone. “Around 11.3 0 pm, I went out and asked them to turn it

off and they picked up a fight with me. They abused me and called their friends to join in so I informed the police,” he said. He said the cops arrived 15 minutes later, by which time they started assaulted him with their hands and pushed and kicked him. “After a couple of blows and kicks, they twisted my leg so that I don’t run away from there but I managed to run to my house and locked the gate. My family had come outside to see what was happening and tried to help me when they began pelting us with stones. Some of them climbed up a sheet house opposite our house and threw the wooden logs kept there. One of the logs struck on my wife’s head, while my aunt sustained a deep cut on her head due to the stone-pelting. By the time police arrived at the spot, all of them managed to escape from the place,” added Barthalome.

Amruthahalli police have registered a case and are on the lookout for the accused.