Stressing upon the need to become the change today for a better tomorrow, rising musical sensation CASSETTE are driven to instill within listeners responsible attitudes through a unique musical medium, with their brilliant new release “News Reports”.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – June 18th, 2021 – Imbuing Alternative and Rock genres with a unique and sensory musical outlook, up-and-coming musical collective, CASSETTE is sending waves within the musical industry. With a consciously driven and responsible musical identity and brand, CASSETTE is raising the most critical issue of today, using their rich and dynamic musical talents.

Stressing upon the need for change within attitudes, activities, and behaviors on an individual as well as societal level, CASSETTE is rallying for the need for planetary change on the global level. Utilizing their musical platform for the greater good, the band’s new single, aptly titled “News Reports” empowers listeners to act consciously for the youth of today, leaders of tomorrow. The stirring single, which has Alternative and Rock undertones, is dominated by captivating vocals, hip hooks, and moving lyricism. Bound to spark a burning need to act responsibly within listeners, “News Reports” showcases all that the band has to offer and more.

The single focuses strongly on the need to start looking after our planet and the cruciality of Media acting as a formidable pillar to raise awareness as well as spur action from society and affect people’s consciousness. The motivation for writing News Reports remains the collective’s honest and sincere concerns for the health of the earth, and the need to act today to ensure life for future generations, supporting youth who are calling out for change.

“The belief that most people on the planet are willing to change and care about the earth for our future generation…is an influence. Music and the media can support and promote the issue of our planet’s health,” says the band regarding their new single.

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A rising musical collective, CASSETTE is changing the face of Alternative and Rock music, with their stirring and captivating musical compositions. A consciously driven and responsible band, CASSETTE began as a not-for-profit cover song band, occasionally stunning listeners in live performances all around Melbourne for ten years with their musical talents.

The band was always inspired and catalyzed to use music for greater causes and moved only by the thought of lighting up people’s lives with their dearest tunes. Creating music has been their professional, as well as recreational occupation, and with their stunning new release “News Reports”, CASSETTE intends to encapsulate listeners with a thought-provoking and encouraging musical composition. They highlight seamlessly the need to think about how individuals can start taking the right steps towards making our earth healthy again.



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