Adding a uniqueness to the rich and dynamic genres of Pop, Hip Hop, and Rap, eclectic artist ExsertExponent aims to grow and evolve his artistic brilliance, with each new release, melding and marrying together instruments and vocals.

Saint Charles, Illinois  – July 15th, 2021  – A rising force in the world of Pop, Hip Hop, Rap and a rich string of other genres, ExsertExponent is driven to inspire and captivate listeners with his dynamic musical compositions. Maintaining a minimalistic yet memorable style when it comes to Pop music, the growing artist is solidifying his own individualistic vibe, formed by each new release.

With singles such as “Never Meant To Hurt You”, “IDC”, “Hey B”, “Dreaming Forever”, “Heal” and several others, the dynamic artist puts on show masterful instrumentation coupled with a promising vocal talent. Using varied and subtle musical styles to formulate his compositions, ExsertExponent channels independent vocals, piano and guitar usage, exuding a stirring and soulful mix of styles. To top it all, the talented powerhouse also pens down his own musical compositions and is a seasoned song writer.

Empowered by the splendid feedback he received from fans and listeners, inspired by the magnetic allure of his musical productions, ExsertExponent has continued to soar to new heights. It is this drive to be an inspirational force for listeners that propels the artist to pursue his passion in music each day.

With hip singles such as “Hey B” and “IDC” the rising artist melds together instrumentals with song writing brilliance, narrating relatable and intriguing stories. Similarly, the artist’s single, “Me & Amanda G” sheds light on a conversation addressed to a girl named Amanda.

“I like to be minimal. My goals are to release as much music as I can and become who I want to be,” says ExsertExponent regarding his refreshing new music.

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Starting his fascinating musical voyage as a career formally in 2020, ExsertExponent is a growing artist who hopes to break all the barriers standing between him and success. Stunning listeners with a sensory and varied vocal and instrumental genius, the artist stands out by his unique subtlety and simplicity, while simultaneously composing music using fusions of guitar and vocals.

Inspired by the craft of maestros of the music industry, including Queen, Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, and others, ExsertExponent has been making music since he was 9 on music maker jam, having always been enthralled by the force of diverse music genres.

Hoping to expand his genre range even more, ExsertExponent aims to follow his heart and life-long passion to one day become an A-list Pop star.



Name: ExsertExponent
Phone Number: (331)-980-1868
Email Address: [email protected]