Quitman, Ms, Clarke county — Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 — Mark Free and FNG Cam two Mississippi representatives collaborate on what could be the song of the summer.  The duo flows gracefully together on this track.  The two speak of what led them to begin rapping to get out of the streets.  This track will definitely have you screaming for the check I’m all in.

The fans of the FNG camp are already excited and waiting for the new track to drop.  If you haven’t heard previously released tracks by the FNG camp y’all definitely need to check them out.  They reflect on their lives growing up and the struggles they faced throughout their young lives.

Mark Free is very close to his camp and lets us know with his favorite saying that has become more of a quote “We starved together we gone eat together”.  Mark Free and the FNG camp plan on taking the world by storm this year in 2020

You can hear Mark Free and the FNG camp on All platforms at Mark Free.  Don’t miss out on the next big thing out of Mississippi.

Mark Free and FNG are the next big thing coming out of Mississippi.  They are a force to be reckoned with.  They have good quality music and the tools to blow your minds.

You want more go check out Mark Free on all music platforms today and become a fan now before your friends have to tell you about him!!!





Mark Free and FNG Cam from hard life struggle growing up. Mark Free comes from New Orleans LA and FNG Cam comes from Chicago IL. Both grew up in areas stacked against them but they have risen to the occasion to beat the odds.



Mark Free
Mark Free


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