Osoyoos Music in the Park saw an average of 700 people attend the weekly concert series this summer, twice as many as in previous years. (Vanessa Broadbent / Osoyoos Times)

By Dale Boyd

Osoyoos Times

After a successful summer of tunes and good times at Gyro Park, Music in the Park Osoyoos is asking town council for a slight increase in funding.

The events included 10 free concerts on Friday nights throughout the season. Highlights from the summer included increased attendance and increased funding from last year bringing in larger bands from further afield, according to Debbie Dundass, who does promotion for Music in the Park.

Music in the Park, which operates out of resort municipality funding, asked council to consider a $4,000 increase in their budget to a total of $19,000 at Monday’s committee of the whole.

CAO Allan Chabot noted the funding would consume about half of the town’s funds for festival-type events.

Music in the Park saw an average of 700 attendees from the outdoor shows this year, with only two taking place indoors.

“There was really a buzz and a feeling of energy in the downtown core,” Dundass said.

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The increased funding would allocate $14,500 to bring in larger bands and bigger musicians, $1,025 for liability and insurance, $775 to revamp the website and provide online applications for bands interested in playing, $2,000 for promotion and $700 for myriad fixes to the piano.

The organizers are also looking to incorporate local warm-up acts for 30-minute sets prior to the main events.

Council all agreed the event creates a hub of activity in town.

“Some great acts this year and I don’t think there’s many concerts over the last five years that I’ve missed,” Mayor Sue McKortoff said.

Coun. CJ Rhodes supported the idea of showcasing local talent with warm-up acts, and was supportive of the increased funding.

“This fits right in the no-brainer category with me, I don’t struggle with your ask at all in any way,” Rhodes said.

Coun. Brian Harvey questioned if Music in the Park would look to different sources of additional revenue, like renting out space for food trucks or a beer garden.

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