Superstar Mariah Carey could be about to earn a packet, by becoming the new face of Walkers Crisps.

The diva, one of the best selling artists of all time, is said to be worth around £275million.

But that hasn’t stopped her looking to add to her considerable riches.

Mariah, 49, could be about to pocket a cool £9million should she sign up with Walkers, of course synonymous with Match of the Day host Gary Lineker.

The American isn’t afraid of taking some odd contracts to earn a few extra quid.

In 2015 she agreed to front Game of War an appeared in adverts for the online strategy game.

Could we be seeing a lot more of Mariah?
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…she may not know too much about Gary!
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But the £9million could be too good to turn down
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Walkers are used to shelling out big bucks and wrote four seven-figure cheques to get the Spice Girls signed up earlier this summer.

But the Hero hit-maker will make more than the entire group put together.

An insider told The Sun : “Having the Spice Girls on board was a real coup for Walkers in terms of names they’d be able to work with in future.

“They approached Mariah earlier this year and it’s all going through now.

The Spice Girls didn’t earn as big
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First Jamie Vardy, then Mariah
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“Her people have the contract and are just signing off the details, including what Mariah will and won’t do for the brand.

“As part of the campaign, her face is going to appear on 50 million packets of crisps.

“Walkers are hoping to tie in Mariah’s involvement with their big advertising campaign during the festive season, which they think could work really well with her hit All I Want For Christmas.”

Her demands are of course very well known.

What new flavour could she promote?
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Now former Australian Idol Ian Dickson has revealed what she wanted when they filmed Celebrity Name Game together.

“When I was working in the UK we had Mariah Carey come to town to do a Saturday morning TV show,” he said.

“As part of her request to our team, when she went to this TV station, in her dressing room we had to put 12 white labrador puppies.”