Music night hits the book stacks at St. Thomas Public Library
Music night hits the book stacks at St. Thomas Public Library

Aaron DeVries, manager of digital and support services for the St. Thomas Public Library, promotes the Songs in the Stacks event. (Laura Broadley/Times-Journal)

The quiet stacks of books at the library will turn into a musical wonderland for one night, dubbed appropriately Songs in the Stacks.

“Songs in the Stacks in something that we started last year,” said Aaron DeVries, manager of digital and support services. “It was really successful.”

The event will feature music by Canadian artist Jenny Berkel and her band.

“It’s a full band experience,” DeVries said.

London musician Misha Bower will open the show.

“She’s also coming with a couple of people playing behind her,” he said.

The St. Thomas Public Library wanted to experiment with something people might not be expecting.

“We wanted to, kind of, experiment with a different kind of programming at the library, something after hours,” DeVries said. “The concept is quite different than maybe what you’d expect from the library.”

Songs in the Stacks follows in line with what the library is trying to accomplish in its messaging.

“One of our strategic goals is to surprise people by what they can find at the library, and this fits right in with that.”

This is the second year in a row for Songs in the Stacks at the St. Thomas library.

“What’s different this year is we’ve actually managed to partner with Caps Off Brewery, who are our new neighbours since the last time we held this. So, we’re really excited they’re going to be here and serving their beer,” DeVries said.

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What: Songs in the Stacks featuring Jenny Berkel and Misha Bower

When: Sept. 21, 7:30 p.m.

Where: St. Thomas Public Library, 153 Curtis St.

Tickets: $25, available at the library, Caps Off Brewery or online at