This new collection of music, formulated in the aftermath of the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, chronicles Gaudet’s beautiful relationship with a city that has given her all. 

New York City, New York — July 28th, 2022 – Christina Gaudet is an artist who wishes to create music that uplifts moods in testing times. The musician’s newest album is written around the time of the devastating COVID-19 Pandemic that hit New York City pretty hard in 2020 and 2021. All creative endeavors were halted as the city reeled from the tragic and insurmountable loss of lives. The singles are written to help revive the spirit of the city in a way in which we learn from the past. Gaudet is conscious of a re-wakening taking place that is forcing people to re-imagine life in a completely new way.

 ‘Manhattan OZ’ is different in that it is an ode to New York City and the many years that the eclectic artist has spent there. Gaudet wanted to give a promotional endorsement to help the city return to its full glory, to help New York recover by writing the lead song New York City. The singer tried to capture the pace and energy of New York City in this album. For Gaudet, the city is the one-stop that teaches you strength and resilience and thus helps you build character through tough leanings. Simultaneously it also teaches love and compassion, making one spirited and encouraged.

MANHATTAN OZ, is a Gotham Rock Musical Odyssey chronicling the story of an artist’s journey, living 40 years in New York City as an artist, from survival to success. This is a Die Hard, New York tough, street smart survival, love story about the artist’s journey and how a Cajun swamp girl came from New Orleans to New York City to pursue and survive a career in the arts. Bayou born but made in New York City.  There’s no place like home.

This album features the songwriter’s core band who all met in New York City and performed at many New York venues over the years; according to Christina, this is the A-Team. It is made up of John Zych, Eric Johnson, Nathan Stevens, and recently David Rockower. After over 20 years of playing and recording together, this band is family now and the singer’s musical brothers. Other artists include her friends, Grammy-nominated Blues legend, Trevor Sewell from the UK, Grammy-nominated, EJ Ouellette from MA, and George Varghese of WA who also played on a Grammy-nominated album this past year.

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Christina is a protégée of Allen Toussaint and the New Orleans Rock/Blues/Americana sound. She is an award-winning, Producer, Recording Artist, award-winning Songwriter/Composer, and Actor, with many Film, TV, and Broadway credits. Musically she has written and produced many full-length albums and singles, in worldwide releases.

Comprised of homegrown New Orleans influence and a fistful of electric New York City flair, Gaudet is poised to unleash her latest musical effort onto the waiting ears of fans from The Big Apple to The Big Easy. ‘Manhattan OZ’, is a ten-song genre-blending collection of Gaudet’s finest work to date and it has descended upon the music community. Fans can expect an energetic, razor-sharp performance from one of the best Rock-Blues-Pop-Americana acts in the area!


Christina Gaudet
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