Forest Bees
Forest Bees

One of the most unique challenges a musician can face is creating a solo album. What makes this such a challenge is that each track the musician writes has to convey its unique message in both a relevant and meaningful way, and they have to do it, more or less, alone. I am happy to say that Sheetal Singh meets that challenge with her highly riveting solo album under the name Forest Bees.

For example, album opener “Alexa” is about whether or not humans can cope with our over-reliance on our electronics; this is a extremely relevant topic, because we are, more then ever, clinging on to our technology. Whether we are hosting Zoom meetings or communicating with our loved ones through Skype, the fact remains that we have become too dependent on tech.

Singh has created a unique and flamboyant album that conveys its themes about technology, loneliness, and belonging while at the same time relating to its audience.