Freda’s new track has one goal, to get her listeners into a joyous mood, as her goal, one where she succeeds at with without any doubt

Mankato, Minnesota — Freda’s new single “Bend Over” is a poppy affair sparking joy in any listener who comes across it, as the infectious tunes of the song cling on to the minds of its listeners, and make sure that they stay with them for the days to come. In creating “Bend Over”, Freda set out to create a song that could provide all her listeners with a track that triggered joy in them, whenever they listened to it. Keeping in with the rest of her music, her track was created with a deliberate attention to detail to succeed at this goal.

As with all of Freda‘s music, her “Bend Over” has been layered with beats that are upbeat and poppy, bringing all those in the room wanting to jump up to their feet, and groove to the beat. Her distinct sound being evident throughout the track, Freda’s emphasis on the need for top notch production throughout the track is evident in the song as she sets out on it.

“Bend Over” is a track that will leave its mark not only in the minds of any listeners who are sure to come across it, but also expose them to the music of Freda where with each track that she makes she improves as a musician.

Bend Over”, as well as the rest of Freda’s music can be streamed on Spotify, and YouTube. Her socials can be followed at Twitter, and Instagram for further updates on her.




Freda is a Nigerian American artist who moved to America after finishing her high school in Nigeria, in order to pursue a career in entertainment. While in Nigeria she was a part of a Nigerian hip hop dance group and got the chance to work with a number of well-known Nigerian artists such as Rugged man and Kefee.

After starting college in the US, she would soon join the US army. While now a veteran, she had an immense amount of respect for all veterans of the US army. Throughout this entire process, she has kept coming back to music, as it was her one true inspiration. Now being awfully committed to her craft, Freda hopes to work within the musical industry, and innovate it from within. All while allowing her heritage and culture to allow her to resemble a wonderful person.


Name: Freda
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 5072990266




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