LaCrosse, WI — “THE INTRODUCTION OF LAUREL K ADAMS” is the debut release from the dynamic teenage Pop and country Singer Laurel K Adams. The EP is centered around authenticity and living your truth, and it creates an ambiance that is captivating and layered with mesmerizing melodies and profound lyrics. Relaxing yet filled with so much authenticity, it is emotional and majestic. It is a masterpiece that is sure to enthrall the earbuds of pop lovers.

The EP will enable many to feel empowered, mainly through three of the songs “Made for More,” “I’m Not Waiting Around for You,” and “You Need To Let Go. In addition, the songs “Hallelujah” and “Dancing In The Eye Of A Hurricane” showcase her storytelling prowess and are filled with emotions and relatable experiences. The EP will evoke feelings of freedom and help her listeners to live in the moment unapologetically. Laurel K Adams is bringing more than just good songs; she is bringing an exciting adventure that will resonate deeply with people and echo in their minds for many nights to come. Play, Download, and stream the first chapter in her upcoming catalog of bangers! The EP was produced by PG Young Memphis of Atlanta GA.


Laurel K Adams is a multi-talented 17-year-old singer and songwriter who is at the fulcrum of an evolving Crossover Pop and Country scene. Laurel K Adams is a very different and uniquely wired musician who is not afraid to break the rules and push the boundaries of our perception with her deeply layered lyricism and well-crafted songs. Born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and raised in rural Wisconsin, Laurel K Adams is a true Midwesterner who has a drive, a focus, and a tenacity that will lead her to become a relentless and unstoppable force in the independent Pop circuit. Laurel K Adams is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, and tell her story her way.

Laurel K Adams grew up as a musically inclined child. She began writing songs at the tender age of thirteen and had a talent for poetry in her early years. In 5th grade, she asked for a dictionary and a thesaurus for Christmas and surprisingly received the gifts. Overjoyed she dived in mastering the language and harnessing her newfound prowess into meaningful and impactful poetry and prose. Today music is the vehicle by which she expresses herself authentically. Music gives her the space to feel and find support within herself. She writes lyrics that draw from her experiences and by using her musical acumen she articulates stories and shared perspectives that will connect with audiences across the

Laurel K Adams combines various unique and experimental sounds with her intricate wordplay and often dabbles in contrasting genres resulting in Crossover Pop and Country-centered fusions that are still firmly stitched together by emotive undertones. Laurel K Adams cites icons such as Bob Dylan, Carole King, Tom Petty, Eva Cassidy, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, and Taylor Swift. She also draws inspiration from being around positive people. This all culminates in Laurel K Adams producing an enjoyable, and easygoing musical experience that is authentic and grounded in reality. Her overarching ambition is to empower people through her gift. She is driven by the desire to share emotion through music and to impact lives positively.

Laurel K Adams just released her debut EP titled “The Introduction of Laurel K Adams which will showcase her distinct lyrical and storytelling prowess. She wrote four original songs that will take listeners on a journey through various emotions and bring them to a place where they can escape the world and be immersed in an incredibly unique style and sound. Her smooth vocals are decorated by effortless intonations that are accentuated by a skillfully resonated voice and soothing warm tones. She possesses a modern-day mix that crescendos with spellbinding emotive undertones. Her upcoming projects will highlight her passion and love for authenticity and vulnerability in her writing. She explores various themes by delving deeper into the emotions that encompass the human psyche. The talented enigma is here to reshape and leave an indelible mark in the industry

Laurel K Adams
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