Listen To A Reimagined Conversation in ‘La Prima Lingua’ By a.k.a BUTCH JEROME

Los Angeles, California – Music is often known as the language of the soul. Whether one is a professional or not, music is always going to touch the heart and soul. In the interest of pursuing this experiment, the collaborative percussion band, a.k.a BUTCH JEROME, is out to make conversation.

The collaborative band comprises Butch Norton and Michael Jerome, both on the drums for the album ‘La Prima Lingua.’ Both artists came together through a mutual love for the drums and other percussion instruments, understanding that a conversation between two musicians doesn’t always require words.

In their own words, the artists set out to push their own boundaries, to test themselves in their art. The result was a conversation that is now all set to be their debut album. The American Rock drummers have not bound themselves to a particular genre, style, or rhythm, rather playing strat from the heart.

Both artists have similar inspirations, having met at the Memphis Blues Fest. Having understood each other better during an impromptu jamming session, the two managed to make magic in the studio a few years later. Now that their debut single is out, Butch Norton and Michael Jerome are all set to conquer every stage they can. Be it theatre, special events, videos, or films, a.k.a BUTCH JEROME is set to conquer it.

‘La Prima Lingua’ is not just a testament to the artist’s synchronicity but also to the beauty of time, spontaneity, and spirit. The artists created each of the 14 tracks on the album with nothing but a vague structure. The body of each song depicts the diversity in humanity that is so rarely acknowledged. Diversity is a concept that flowed into the artwork for the album as well, with the masks being a symbolic representation of cultural diversity.

The new collaborative set may be new to the scene but are all prepared to take over this niche music industry. The band, a.k.a BUTCH JEROME’s debut album ‘La Prima Lingua,’ is available on all major streaming platforms. Make sure to take a look at the official website and social media of the band to be kept in the loop! Don’t forget to visit the official YouTube Channel to stream the album!





The new band, a.k.a BUTCH JEROME, is comprised of artists Butch Norton and Michael Jerome. Butch was raised in San Francisco and has an affinity for drums and percussion. Having studied percussion with some of the most renowned artists in the industry, Butch started playing at nightclubs at 17.
Jerome was born in Wichita, Kansas, and was raised by a music teacher. Having been exposed to music and the classical music world from a young age, Jerome finally moved to achieve and pursue his dreams of being a professional drummer.



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