A stirring new portrait of Country music, Will Thompson’s parodical new single “Checklist” is truly the refreshing dose the genre needs

Panama City, Florida —March 10th, 2023 – A beloved and soulful genre, Country music has long been known for its relatable lyrics and catchy tunes. However, the Country music world has also been long criticized for being formulaic and repetitive, with ‘most songs on the radio sounding the exact same.’

However, a divergent and disruptive force in the music world aims to undo the cycle. Will Thompson, a talented songwriter, and musician has taken it upon himself to poke fun at the genre’s cliches and buzzwords with the drop of his new single, “Checklist”.

Written and composed as a playful song, rife with exciting wordplay and compelling instrumentation, alongside co-writer Ashley Watson, Thompson initially penned “Checklist” as a joke. However, after performing it at the Annual Songwriters Festival in Panama City, Florida, the captivating track was met with an overwhelming audience reaction, convincing the artist that he had something special.

Woven seamlessly with a catchy melody and lyrics that will make you laugh out loud, “Checklist” is an ironic, enthralling single which truly has “every word you have to say on a country radio hit.”

Swiftly becoming a fan favorite at Thompson’s live shows, “Checklist” embodies Thompson’s passion for music, and displays it as a force beyond parodying the industry’s tropes.

Cementing his position as a versatile songwriter who writes in every genre and wants to blur the lines between dynamic sounds, the new single is a fitting addition to Will Thompson’s discography.

Along with his talented bandmates, Thompson has earned a reputation for exceptional musicianship and an unparalleled ability to connect with audiences. The artists’ popularity continues to grow, and they have only recently been recognized as the Best Band on the Emerald Coast by innumerable publications.

With “Checklist,” Thompson is poised to shake up the country music scene and inject some humour and levity into an industry that can take itself too seriously. As Thompson continues to make music, both funny and solemn, fans can look forward to more of his unique takes on various genres.



Will Thompson is a highly talented musician and the frontman of one of the most sought-after bands on the Emerald Coast. Will’s band is known for their versatility, playing a wide range of music from classic rock and country to pop and alternative. With their ability to play both original and cover songs, the band is a crowd favorite at all kinds of events, from weddings to music festivals.

Outside of music, Will is also a dedicated family man and community volunteer. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children, and is involved in several local charities and organizations. Through his music and his actions, Will strives to make a positive impact on the world around him.


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