AUSTRALIA. Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail is highlighting the versatility of Cointreau as a cocktail ingredient by bringing its Le Cocktail Show activation to Brisbane Airport.

The activation, which has previously visited Changi, Copenhagen and Vancouver airports, has now been introduced in Lotte Duty Free’s store in the International Terminal of the Australian airport.

Make your own kind of music: A piano connected to cocktail ingredients is at the heart of the pop-up

Le Cocktail Show is centred around an innovative piano cocktail bar, where the pianist creates cocktails by striking keys connected to certain ingredients. The Cointreau-infused cocktails available for customers to try are White Lady, Mai Tai and Cointreau Fizz.

Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail Asia Pacific Managing Director Adam Hamzah said: “Le Cocktail Show has wowed travel retail clients this year by infusing the emotion, artistic energy and exuberance of Cointreau into an unforgettable cocktail experience – and we are excited to lift the curtain on our Brisbane International experience in partnership with Lotte Duty Free.”

Lotte Duty Free Oceania CEO Stephen Timms commented: “Creativity and innovation fuel the experiences that we aim to deliver to travelling consumers in partnership with iconic brands such as Cointreau.”

The design of the pop-up, which will be in the Australian airport until 4 February, invokes the French Golden Age of Arts, an era where Cointreau was regularly used as a cocktail ingredient.

Rémy Cointreau Liqueurs & Spirits CEO Jean-Denis Voin added: “Our goal is clear: to establish ourselves as an essential part of the cocktail scene, thanks to our proven legitimacy in this area. Not only the sensorial qualities of our orange liqueur are recognized, but its great versatility and undeniable ability to enhance flavours make it an essential cocktail base.”

The pop-up is part of a wider strategy to highlight the versatility of Cointreau as a cocktail ingredient

Voin reiterated at July’s celebration of the orange liqueur brand’s 170th anniversary that Rémy Cointreau was aiming to reinforce Cointreau’s links to cocktails.

“Cointreau has a lot of legitimacy as it is a core ingredient in 350 classic cocktail recipes – from the Margarita, the Cosmopolitan, the White Lady, the Sidecar and many others. All the great bartenders have endorsed Cointreau as the best mixer because of its balance and quality. That means that technically it’s a great product.

“But image-wise too it was important to keep it at the edge of its time and on-trend. In some traditional markets, there is still the image of the drink that is for an older generation, but that is really only France and [the] UK. In Australia, [the] US, China [and] Russia, Cointreau has a strong following among the younger adult cocktail drinkers,” he said.