A vibrant mix of guitar, drums, bass, and an assortment of compelling instruments, Dandar’s Rock dexterity is put on display with new release, “Ok2bu”

Reseda, California — An act which is renowned for its virulent energy, catchy tunes, and melodic soundscapes, Dandar is creating his own lane in the Rock scene. Amongst several contemporary artists who remain hopeful of casting a dent in the industry, Dandar remains at the forefront. The stunning band features a collective of artists who remain dedicated to their craft and work imaginatively to curate compositions that are brimming with insightful narratives.

Dandar’s individuality and enrapturing flair has been the display of the up-and-coming Rock scene through records such as ‘Been Lawless.’ The compelling EP released in 2019 and consisted of an admirable mix of musical compositions- each exhibiting a unique perspective into the R&B and Rock field.

Currently looking forward to winning hearts and minds with their new album, ‘Ok2bu,’ the skilled musicians offer yet another appealing record. Dandar’s newest album exhibits an experimental flow and rhythms that stay with you long after you’ve gone through the whole album. A superb accomplishment, ‘Ok2bu’ is an indication of the kind of genius which can be achieved when a team of like-minded artists work in unison.

Some of Dandar’s creative compositions were recorded in Atlanta and feature a number of talented musicians. His musical acumen is matched by drummer Jeff Patch on the single, “Faulty by Design” alongside Jeff Patch who has previously been on Merge Records, performing with Rock-a-teens and Matt Miller (member of Atlanta band ‘Flap’).

Similarly, Mark Georgone plays drums on “81st and Lexington Ave,” and Pete D showcases his drumming expertise on “Oh Chardonnay” with the late Rob Parham on guitar. Contemporary artist and musician Bryant Clarke is also featured playing bass on “The Rooster Hole.”

“I have been active with music for many years. I plan on to continue to write music and invite people to play with me on recordings as I meet them,” says Dandar regarding his plans.

Most of the songs from the new album were recorded in a voice over studio in Atlanta, Georgia by Bryant Clarke but finished in Dandar’s apartment in Reseda, California. Incorporating a range of styles and sounds, the new album is sure to become a success for the artists.

Visit DandarMusic.co to stream and check out Dandar’s new album, ‘Ok2bu!’ Follow the artist’s musical journey on his social media to stay updates of new and upcoming records.



Dandar played in a Metal Band from Florida called Animus Disober. Alongside his contemporaries, the artist moved to Atlanta where he began playing in an instrumental band called Ladies Night with Jeff Patch and Justin Hughes who was also part of a band called Rock-a-teens (Merge Records). The artist also worked at a restaurant called Eats and met several musicians and jammed with members from other bands, adding more nuances to his works.


Name: Marshall dandar
Address: 18014 shermanway, reseda, california
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7147330844


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irryvafTLLk
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/73rg565btSPazMKOeTzX5g?si=o4CXDrD2TQiWiHY424_zfw


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