The Annual Music Faculty Concert occurred at the Townsend Center on Sep. 19, 2019 at 8:15 p.m. which gave the UWG music faculty a chance to show their own talent. There were eight performances by 13 members of the music faculty. The pieces performed were mostly classical and they varied in styles. Many of the performers were accompanied by their students which aided in their performances.  

                    Photo Credit: Allison Lee

          The concert began with tuba player, Cale Self and pianist, Joseph Snipes. They played, “Concerto for Bass Tuba” by Ralph Vaughan Williams. This piece was mainly centered around the Tuba player and Self got a Solo Tuba part during their song. Although, later on during the song the tuba and piano synced up to blend better with each other. The second piece was performed by violinist Christopher Mosley and pianist Carol Gingerich. They played, “Ballade in C minor. op. 73” by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. This music was sort of slow and somber for most of the song. This piece was one of the longest pieces performed during the program.  

          Next up for the third piece, a tenor named John Elson Williams was singing with a pianist named Wayne Gilreath. They performed, “Zueignung” by Richard Strauss. This piece was in German and was a warm, powerful piece. The music program provided a translation for the audience thankfully. The fourth performance had only one performer named Christopher Mothersole on his clarinet. He played, “Chromatic Fantasy” by Johann Sebastian Bach. This piece was quick and precise even though it was an extremely complex musical arrangement. Once this performance was over, the talent of the music faculty at UWG shines through.  

         The fifth performance was from Katie Byrd and Josh Byrd playing percussion. They played, “Faded Lines” by Andrea Venet. This piece was exciting because they both used two drums on stage and it was a complex piece. There were two snare drums and one bass drum that they used. The sixth performance was of saxophonist, John Bleuel and pianist, Linda Li-Bleul. They played two sections of “Strophes” by Lucie Robert which were section IV. Lent and section V. Prestissimo energico. The first section was meant to be ominous and the saxophone sounded as if it was screaming at one point intentionally. The second section was lively and energetic because of the pianist, but also the saxophonist.  

          The concert wrapped up with soprano singer, Dawn Neely and pianist, Wayne Gilreath kicking off the seventh piece of music. They performed

, “Song to the Moon” by Antonín Dvorák (from Rusalka the opera). This song was sweet and melodic because it was meant to be a love song in the opera Rusalka. The last piece to be played was called, “Reminiscing” by Ben Geyer. This piece was a special performance because the song was written and performed by Ben Geyer. His performance was brilliant and he captured that nostalgic feeling with his music. Overall, the performances were high class and well worth the experience.   

          Students have many opportunities for performance here at UWG, but just as the students are important, so are faculty members. That is why they had the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments at The Annual Music Faculty Concert.  The next upcoming event for the UWG Department of Music is the Wind Ensemble Concert on Sep. 27, 2019 at 7:00 pm. Come support these hard-working individuals in their pursuit of music.