Rock Music community decry assault on Dr N Haraba 20200612
Rock Music community decry assault on Dr N Haraba 20200612

Rock Music community decry the assault on Dr. N Haraba

[Letter to The Editor,]

– 11 June 2020 –

Dr. Ningthoukhongjam Haraba


The assault on Dr. Ningthoukhongjam Haraba by some police personnel of the Manipur Police Department on 7th June at Uripok – Kangchup Road near NRL energy station is extremely disheartening.

During this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. N Haraba has been selflessly contributing to the society by taking charge of six quarantine centers situated in Imphal West.

The whole state is going through the massive COVID-19 pandemic, and healthcare workers are ‘frontier soldiers’ in the battle against coronavirus. And such action of some police personnel would destroy the morale of frontline workers.

Besides being a doctor, Dr. N. Haraba has been an active musician in the local music scene of Manipur for many years. He is the vocalist of the blues band “Fringes”.

It is a matter of pride that Dr. N Haraba has been one of the healthcare workers from the rock music community, serving the people of the state in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic.

We, from the Rock Music community of Manipur, condemn the assault on Dr. N Haraba by some police personnel.

We request the government and concerned departments to see that no untoward incident happens to the COVID-19 frontline workers in the future.

We also extend our appreciation and gratitude to all the COVID-19 frontline workers, for their hard work and sacrifices.


Ringo Pebam

Jevy Huidrom

Niranjan Sanjenbam

Kahaopou Riamei

Bobbie Oinam


11th June 2020

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