SCENES LIFELIKE VR Recording Earphone

3D Audio Recording On the Go

SCENES Lifelike is the world’s first customized 3D audio recording earphone for iPhone users.

SCENES LIFELIKE VR Recording Earphone Accessories

SCENES LIFELIKE VR Recording Earphone Accessories

SCENES Lifelike is the World’s First Customized 3D Audio Recording Earphone for iPhone Users.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US, April 30, 2018 — SAN FRANCISCO–(April 30, 2018) SCENES, a leader in VR audio products, is pleased to announce the debut of its latest innovation, the SCENES Lifelike VR Recording Earphones. The company will showcase its latest headphone at PEPCOM’s Digital Experience at the GenHigh booth on May 10, 2018 taking place at the Metreon City View (135 4th Street) in the SoMa district of San Francisco.

SCENES Lifelike VR Recording Earphones dramatically improve the virtual reality 3D audio experience on-the-go. This convenient in-ear binaural recording device features two built-in omnidirectional microphones to create immersive, panoramic, 3D lifelike sound recordings from any portable IOS device, along with an in-line remote to control music playback (iOS 9.3 or later.)

Based on binaural recording theory, two microphones serve as a simple dummy-head structure to capture mobile 3D audio. The result is a realistic, immersive recording that makes audiences feel like they were there. A professional codec chip and HRTF algorithms ensure a high-fidelity signal to digital transversion, also includes 3D audio rendering and smart noise cancelling for superb recorded audio playback. The VR Digital Box has a maximum 44.1kHz/16bit output decoding that records integrated immersive audio/video for multiple production.

SCENES Lifelike is the world’s first customized 3D audio recording earphone for iPhone users. No digital app downloads are necessary to reproduce the most realistic sound field as heard by ears. By simply connecting Lifelike VR Recording Earphones to any IOS device, users can capture surround sound from above, below, front, back and sides. In addition, its portable peripheral for immersive ASMR production simulates the distance between ears to mimic the way real ears hear sound. Patented “Shark Gill” shaped earbuds fit comfortably, while creating an airtight seal that helps Lifelike VR earphone capture spatial audio.

To learn more about SCENES Lifelike VR Recording Earphones, please visit GenHigh at PEPCOM’s Digital Experience Metreon City View, 135 4th Street SF,CA, or at For an intimate listening session with GENHIGH please schedule an appointment with Minming Gu at [email protected] or Gina Hughes at [email protected].

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