As one might expect from social media stans, the moment Selena Gomez dropped new music on Tuesday night, her fans began to pick it apart to try and suss out the meaning, and they think they’ve got “Lose You to Love Me” cracked.

It’s apparently all about Justin Bieber.

The song details a toxic relationship that the narrator (which fans assume is Selena herself) manages to overcome, get through and find herself stronger than ever.

In perhaps the song’s most specific line, Selena sings, “In two months you replaced us like it was easy.” This was enough to convince her fans she’s referring to Justin moving on from her quickly to Hailey Baldwin, whom he subsequently wed.

But they weren’t content to stop with actually specific content. At another point, she sings, “Set fire to my purpose and I let it burn.” Well, Justin released an album in 2015 called “Purpose.” Seem like a bit of a stretch? You clearly haven’t seen stans at work.

If the track is about Justin, these are some pretty harsh words. The song opens with savage lines like “Set fires to my forest / And you let it burn / Sang off-key in my chorus / ‘Cause it wasn’t yours” and “You got off on the hurtin’ / When it wasn’t yours.”

Selena and Justin have had a storied and tumultuous history in the spotlight, kicking off in early 2011 when they first declared themselves official as a couple at an Oscars party. After a very public romance, Selena then called it quits in 2012, but apparently she just couldn’t quit him for good.

They were rumored to be back together in 2013, but it wasn’t until the following year that Justin would confirm their on-again/off-again was on again. But by the end of that year, they were off again and Justin was quickly spotted hanging out with Hailey, though he denied any romance in that relationship … at least not yet.

The pair have been tied to other people throughout the subsequent years, but remains tied together through cryptic encounters and simple fan desire that they find a way to work it out. And after Selena’s breakup with The Weeknd, it looked like reconciliation may be in the cards, with the two spending more time together publicly.

So in truth, they were never officially on again in recent years, so there may be no toxic relationship to reference, and certainly no “two month” timeframe for him to replace her. But don’t tell that to the stans.

They’ve been shipping this couple for a decade now, so now that Justin is off the market and married to Hailey, this may be just the form of therapy they need to allow themselves and Selena to move on. And if it is about Justin, well Selena apparently needed some musical therapy, too.

Check it out in the clip above and see if you think Selena is singing about anyone in particular. She’s certainly giving a passionate and personal performance in the stark and powerful black-and-white imagery.

Then check out how her fans are interpreting the new track below. She even got some love from bestie Taylor Swift, who praised the song on her Intagrams stories, writing, “This song is a perfect expression of healing and my absolute favorite song she’s put out yet.”

📲 IG | Taylor via Instagram story sharing #LoseYouToLoveMe by @selenagomez

“This song is a perfect expression of healing & my absolute favorite song she’s put out yet. A triumph. I love you so much.”

— Taylor Swift News (@TSwiftNZ) October 23, 2019


— blair ♛ (@snakeputation) October 23, 2019

Selena Gomez remaining classy and responding to Hailey Bieber after she threatens to kill her… #LoseYouToLoveMe

— $$$$$ (@sxlxnxmg) October 23, 2019

“Just wanted to let you know that you are my princess, you are worthy of all the love in the world, you are the love of my life” -Justin’s voicemail to Selena

10/23. Be. Ready.

— 𝐂𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐚 ☁️ 🌹 (@AriTaylena) October 19, 2019

“The lyrics leave little doubt that Gomez felt sideswiped and boondoggled by her ex. “I gave my all and they all know it,” she sings, suggesting that maybe not just close friends but an entire watching world was witness to her devotion.” #LoseYouToLoveMe

— Fan of that Gomez Girl (@SelOnTheBrain) October 23, 2019

Selena Gomez’s new song is an actual mic drop in the most emotional way ever. #LoseYouToLoveMe

— Liv Morris (@liviamorris) October 23, 2019

selena deserves the world. justin can keep his girl because he does not deserve A WOMAN. #LoseYouToLoveMe

— B✧ (@tearsinversace) October 23, 2019

Currently watching #LoseYouToLoveMe and feeling sad but happy that she finally felt healed enough to tell her truth

— tiarra🕸 (@TiarraNSmith) October 23, 2019

hailey bieber after seeing #LoseYouToLoveMe on justin’s phone

— ᵃⁿᵈʳᵉʷ (@andrewwbejarano) October 23, 2019

Its like she removed the veil to reveal the truth. And if you think a man can trash talk about his ex & yall will praise it but if a woman tells her story yall will shut her voice then sorry this is queen gomez’s era, it ain’t happening here anymore. 🔥#LoseYouToLoveMe

— shivangi (@fucksrevival) October 23, 2019


Justin Bieber right about now:

— racheltanjuakio (@racheltanjuakio) October 23, 2019

2014 – “There’s a million reasons why I should give you up. But the heart wants what it wants.”

2019 – “And now the chapter is closed and done. And now it’s goodbye, it’s goodbye for us.”


— ♡ (@MCyrus__forever) October 23, 2019

The fact she didn’t shed a single tear in the video. THE POWER. THE STRENGTH. THE BRAVERY. THE COURAGE. THE CONFIDENCE. #LoseYouToLoveMe

— lose you to love me🥀🕸🕷 (@taylenasmind) October 23, 2019

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