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Greenville, Michigan – Sometimes, you need to stand out from the crowd to promote inclusivity. South Korea born Shin Hoo Yong uses his unique identity to carve a space out for himself and advocate for inclusivity. This rising star has dedicated his whole career to creating music for the LGBTQIA+ community. He is creating a name for himself in the pop scene that is sure to spark a revolution.

His latest single ‘ILY’ has found its place among the best and continues to promote an understanding of only recently acknowledged issues. As trailblazing as it is, his music is enhanced by the new music video that premiered October 30th, 2020. The new video is a collaborative effort created remotely with everyone involved being whole states apart. Shin Hoo Yong and featured artists SENUA, RE-PLXY, and TRiLL DYLL have created art to supplement the already heavy lyrics.

The video was shot and produced by David Booker in Los Angeles, California, and in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and takes you through the emotions of a conversation between lovers. This intimate scene of lovers in limbo is inspired by true events from Shin Hoo Yong’s own life. It is based on the relationship between his first boyfriend and him, where his ex could not let him go despite the end of the relationship.

The original song ‘ILY’ is not only lyrically heavy but combines several different musical styles to produce one cohesive sound. It combines a modern-day electronic downtempo track with trap beats, RnB, and vocal play. The final product is a distinctive style that the young artist calls his own.

The collaboration that produced ‘ILY’ comes after Shin Hoo Yong’s project ‘Kissing Boys’ in 2019. The independently released album sets the tone for what to expect from the singer. The Asian-American indie artist has taken it upon himself to become a voice for the new generation through his music and seeks to build understanding through albums like Kissing Boys.

The rising star has cultivated his sound and landed on a unique mixture of vocal play, trap beats, and RnB influences. The unique sound and musical content are setting Shin Hoo Yong up to be the next big popstar. Whether it be reviewing it or playing it, links are present below for those interested in his music. In the case of interviewing Shin Hoo Yong, information is provided below, which can be used to reach out.

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Shin Hoo Yong is a Michigan native adopted from Korea who has quickly risen to fame for his music’s unique style. The Asian-American indie artist has carved out a niche for himself in the pop music scene. His music speaks directly to the LGBTQIA+ community and is himself a voice of the new generation. This self-made artist is working hard to create a more inclusive and uplifting environment with his music.


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