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Remember the tunnel ride in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Imagine a 50-minute journey into that weird and wild beyond, except instead of a chocolate maker it’s an AI who turned herself into a giant ghost and led some hunters on a cyberpunk chase through the galaxy. Blood Machines is here, and it’s ready to blow your mind.

We’ve got the exclusive trailer for Shudder’s Blood Machines, a Kickstarter-funded French science fiction film that’s making its U.S. debut at Fantastic Fest. The film tells the story of a couple of space hunters who witness the ghost of a young woman pulling herself out of a machine, “as if the spaceship had a soul.” They end up chasing the young woman through space, to try and figure out who she is and what she’s trying to do.

Blood Machines was directed by Seth Ickerman with a score by synthwave artist Carpenter Brut, and it was created as a sequel to Brut’s “Turbo Killer” music video (which you can watch here). It looks intense and impressive, with some killer music. With that Blade Runner anime, Cyberpunk 2077, and the second season of Altered Carbon on the way, it’s clear cyberpunk is still having a moment. No release date for Blood Machines has been announced yet.

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