Siddhant Chaturvedi says singing wasn’t what he was aiming for but the purpose was to bring happiness

Siddhant Chaturvedi has been riding high in Bollywood with his fame reaching new heights every day.

Speaking about his recent musical debut single, Dhoop, the actor says singing wasn’t what he was aiming for but the purpose of the song was just to bring happiness to his fans and followers in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown.

“My goal was not to showcase myself as an established singer. My goal was that this is my vibe. My taste in music or whatever my taste is as a personality,” he told IANS.

“The films I have chosen or the career graph I have chosen. So, I want the audience to understand me as a person and my taste is whatever I do,” he continued.

“I want my audience to grow with me and share my taste. Everything should be inspiring and contributing into their lives as well,” he added.

The Gully Boy singer further laid emphasis on wanting to make a difference in people’s lives in whichever way he can.

“That’s why I am here and not because I want to be famous — a goodlooking guy who made it. Those things don’t interest me. I really like it if people listen to my song and are feeling happy and hopeful,” he said.