Cleveland, Ohio — When one thinks new , they might think grand ,special or beginnings

A sigh of relief may also come to one when they think of NEW, because of the burden of old ways acethehypestar has been raising eyebrows and capturing attention with his “NEW” fresh style and sound.

He’s Promising not to disappoint, and to keep his marketable sound consistent

Listening to a few songs on his NEW release “Return Of The Hype” ,i have to say I haven’t heard an exciting style like such before and it’s demands attention.

The excitement and catchy lyrics will have you randomly singing I’ll say the professional artist keeps his music free for people who can’t afford it because he remembers when it was him that couldn’t afford his favorite influences music.

“Everyone doesn’t have it all the time “ the rapper say so he insist that free music for everyone is mandatory anybody could tell that this artist is not only a hell of an artist by listening but also when you meet him as a person he’s definitely one to get to know

Found on any plat form by searching his name and also Promising not to disappoint and to also keep his style of music relevant ladies and gentlemen I give to you acethehypestar .





Name: Acethehypestar
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 2162564011




Source: ArtistPR