media_playSony Foundation’s ‘You Can’ program supports young Aussies during COVID-19

The coronavirus has been rough for all of us, but for young cancer patients and survivors the Sony Foundation and its ‘You Can’ program has helped to make life a little easier during these isolating times.

As patients undertake treatments, they are more at risk of getting infections and have more difficulties getting rid of the infections.

However, the Sony Foundation has stepped in and thought outside the box to ensure young Australian cancer patients aren’t forgotten during this tough period.

Sony Foundation’s You Can Connect platform sees famous music artists perform private streams every week to help keep the spirits high of young Australians in the times of COVID-19.

Sony Foundation CEO Sophie Ryan said “young people were able to jump on and listen to music” and it is kind of like “a private concert”.

The artists also talk with the young Australians and share their experiences in an open and supportive environment.

Image: Getty