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Topline: We take a look at how the dispute between Marvel and Sony over Spider-Man could be resolved; Y Combinator’s Demo Day shed light on some big trends in tech; after asking $1 billion and a fair bit of legal wrangling, the largest parcel for sale in L.A. sells for $100,000.

How The Marvel-Sony Spider-Man Dispute Will Be Solved One Way Or Another

The internet lost its collective mind yesterday when several outlets reported Marvel and Sony have failed to renew a deal for keeping Spider-Man in the MCU, suggesting the wall-crawler won’t appear in any more Avengers movies and other Marvel


Is Marvel really saying see ya to Spidey? It’s very possible that the studio’s disagreement with Sony over the direction of the Spider-Man films will be solved—and taking the spat public was entirely intentional. 

We Listened To 174 Startup Pitches In 2 Days—Here Are The Next Big Trends in TechY Combinator's president Geoff Ralston kicked off Demo Day alongside CEO Michael Seibel

Before 174 companies gave their pitches, Y Combinator’s president Geoff Ralston (center) kicked off Monday and Tuesday’s Demo Day alongside CEO Michael Seibel


We listened to 174 startup pitches at Y Combinator’s two-day-long Demo Day, which shed light on some big trends in tech.

Previously Asking $1 Billion, Los Angeles’ Largest Parcel Sells For $100,000 After Dramatic Last-Minute TwistA 157-acre parcel called ″The Mountain″ sold for $100,000 during an auction earlier today

A 157-acre parcel called “The Mountain” sold for $100,000 during a foreclosure auction earlier today, as the L.A. Times reported


The 157-acre plot of land rising above Beverly Hills was the largest for sale in Los Angeles. Its owner wanted $1 billion for it, which would include the precious opportunity to build 12 feet higher than current code thanks to a grandfathered agreement. So why did The Mountain—as the property became known as—sell for $100,000 this week?

Exclusive Investigation: Overstock’s Mad KingOverstock’s stock plummeted as some $1.5 billion in market capitalization has evaporated

Overstock’s heavily shorted stock plummeted from $87 in the beginning of 2018 to about $20 today as some $1.5 billion in market capitalization has evaporated.


Patrick Byrne resigned as the CEO of the e-retailer yesterday, saying his involvement as a federal informant in the investigation of infamous Russian spy Maria Butina made performing his duties impossible. That’s not the whole story. This is.

What’s Wrong At Macy’s? Look To Story For A Clue

The Outdoor Story, a new AstroTurf-lined section of Macy’s stores, is part of the retailer’s attempt to continually update its shops. It’s just as misguided as it sounds

Billionaire easyHotel Founder Loses Fight Against Fund ‘Trying To Steal’ His Hotel Company

Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the billionaire easyJet founder, has lost a battle with investors over the hotel part of his empire.

The Cofounder Of Google’s Acclaimed AI Lab, DeepMind, Is On Leave

Google’s much-ballyhooed AI lab, DeepMind, has lost one of its top minds. Cofounder Mustafa Suleyman is on leave. Says a Google spokesperson: “Mustafa’s taking some time out right now.” 

Classic Car Market Hits A Pothole At 2019 Monterey Car Week

The latest Monterey Car Week racked up almost a quarter-billion dollars in sales as some of the world’s rarest and fastest cars changed hands. The bad news? That’s a 34% drop from last year

Meryl Streep’s New York Penthouse Returns To Market For $18M

Meryl Streep’s New York home is for sale (asking price: $18.25 million). The 4,000-square-foot pad occupies an entire floor of the River Lofts building in Tribeca and comes with a private elevator entrance.

Toymaker Hasbro Snaps Up Peppa Pig Owner Entertainment One for $4 Billion

The company behind the world-famous Peppa Pig franchise has been snapped up by U.S. toymaker Hasbro for $4 billion. With the pound reaching record lows, this in the latest in a series acquisitions of British-listed companies.

Now Hear This

From a tiny Baltic country of 1.3 million people, Taavet Hinrikus developed a better way to move trillions of dollars around the world: Transferwise. Its Skype-for-cash model takes on pretty much every financial institution on the planet. Hear more about Hinrikus’ story on “The Forbes Interview” podcast. Tune in on Apple PodcastsSpotify and Google Podcasts.

The $44 Million DJ Marshmello's crossover hits include “Happier” with Bastille and “Wolves” with Selena Gomez

Marshmello earned $44 million over the past two years, thanks to six-figure nightly fees and crossover hits like “Happier” (with Bastille) and “Wolves” (with Selena Gomez).


In three years, Marshmello has gone from an unknown to the toast of the music world.

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