Pictured: Starpower Management clients Tracy Reiner and Moira Cue with Steve-O, and celebrity impersonators on the red carpet for the Los Angeles Special Olympics Charity Dinner.

subnormal magazine #7, 1999, cover image; Lydia Lunch

Image: Moira Cue; Solitude; 1992, Acrylic on Masonite (Private Collection)

Starpower Management Signs Dina Lohan, mother of movie star Lindsay Lohan.

Starpower Management is very pleased to announce that we have signed Dina Lohan, in all areas.”

— Bruce Edwin

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 28, 2017 — Starpower Management and Hollywood Sentinel PR is pleased to announce they have now signed Dina Lohan. A celebrity known world wide, Dina helped launch her famous daughter Lindsay Lohan into stardom who she managed, and is now also helping her other children who are celebrities in their own right; including Aliana Lohan, Dakota Lohan, and Michael Lohan Jr.

An entrepreneur with a degree in business, A-list manager, former professional dancer, and now film producer, Dina Lohan has been a working professional in Hollywood behind the scenes for decades, and also starred in her families own reality show; Living Lohan, among more.

Starpower Management is a full service model and talent management company, founded by CEO Bruce Edwin. The firm also owns Hollywood Sentinel dot com, a free online magazine that reports ‘only the good news,’ interviews numerous stars, and is read by some of the most rich and powerful people on the planet. The company also owns Bruce Edwin Productions, a feature film financing and production company, and owns Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations, which provides A-List Public Relations services to clients world wide.

The film division specializes in sourcing and packaging motion picture deals as well as sourcing domestic and international financing. The company also provides celebrity services to select stars including sales of private islands, private jets, luxury vehicles, and more. Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin formerly represented Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams (Beat It, Thriller, Billie Jean). Starpower Management’s art division specializes in finding and selling very rare, multi-million dollar master works of fine art in private collection, by artists including Picasso, Warhol, Basquiat, Chagall, and many more. The company accepts no solicitation, and considers and represents stars only. Representing over 10 billion dollars worth of deals in the areas of motion picture, film studios, master works of fine art, and more, Starpower Management is ranked as one of the most powerful entertainment boutique firms in the world. Visit www.StarpowerManagementllc.com (site to be updated soon).

Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations represents select companies, as well as models, actors, bands, and fine artists. The firm also offers select clients the opportunity to appear on T.V, getting their message on major television networks and on major shows and programs during prime time, in all areas including sports, news, and entertainment, and in markets including NYC and Los Angeles among more. The company is now considering select fashion models for red carpet bookings during fashion week and award season in Los Angeles.

Bruce Edwin also writes and produces the slapstick comedic webisode ‘Hollyweird!” which can be found free on YouTube, and features a rotating cast of celebrities. A writer since childhood, Bruce will be releasing a new book of poetry early next year, as well as book on ‘How to Succeed In Hollywood,’ expanding from his free articles found on www.HollywoodSentinel.com

Bruce Edwin earlier published subnormal magazine, the legendary punk rock magazine that was carried world wide by Tower Records, and which featured exclusive interviews with stars including Bauhaus, Front 242, and Jewel among many more. The magazine has returned back online at Hollywood Sentinel dot com, and will release its own site later this year. Recent interviews by subnormal include Noam Chomsky, and singers, producers, and DJ’s Nervo. Recent interviews by Hollywood Sentinel include singers Nat and ALex Wolf, Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy, and Joe Mantegna from ‘Criminal Minds.’

Starpower Management Clients in the News

Hollywood Sentinel PR client Michael Shawn Hartman has recently been mentioned on Fox News, ABC news, and more. The country stars’ slogan, “Faith, Freedom, America,” is something he takes to heart. He advises his fans, “Strive for constant progress, don’t be afraid of emotions, and believe in your self!” He adds, “My music is a part of who I am, I believe in it. I want my music to survive for all centuries to come. I want to make a deep connection with my music to people’s emotions, helping to become a pillar of strength for them, reminding them that our constant foundations are built on stone.” Michael adds, “For all those who hear my music, I want them to laugh, love, and believe in who they are. That’s what I want for the people in the world, and myself.” Visit the official Michael Shawn Hartman website at www.mikehartmanmusic.com

Hollywood Sentinel PR client Rose Stuart, the legendary Psychic to the Stars slogan is “You tell her nothing she will tell you all,” which her clients find to be true, being amazed by her accuracy. Rose Stuart predicted Trump’s win, Russian hacking, has helped located missing children, solve murders, and helps in reuniting lovers, which she specializes in, among more. Located in Columbia Falls and also in Great Falls Montana, Rose states that her work is her religion, and she loves helping people. Rose Stuart recently made national news for helping to locate missing talent agent Mark Schlegel, who she now reports was murdered, yet made to look like a suicide. Rose may be contacted from around the world for readings by phone at: tel: 406-866-0733 and also tel: 406-788-5348. E-mail Rose directly at: [email protected]

Hollywood Sentinel PR client Jessica Gallant has been praised by “Variety” for her ‘exceptional lensing’ among more. The award winning director and cinematographer is in increasing high demand for her work as a feature film director, in addition to music videos, and more. Visit the official Jessica Gallant website at www.jessicajgallant.com

Starpower Management client Moira Cue; singer/songwriter, actress (starring in an upcoming feature film now in development), and fine artist, whose work is in the collection of Madonna among more, will be having a solo show of her new black and white series, at the legendary Bruce Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles this fall. Booking requests, and buyers interested in a free art catalog by e-mail may request at 310-226-7176. Visit www.MoiraCue.com.

For press / media and booking requests of Dina Lohan, Moira Cue, Michael Shawn Hartman, Rose Stuart, Jessica Gallant, or Bruce Edwin, contact the publicity department at 310-226-7176.

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Hollyweird! Episode #5, Starring Moira Cue and Phoebe Price, Written and Produced by Bruce Edwin, directed by Jessica Gallant.