Tea Gonzales is from Stony Plain and will be launching her first professionally recorded single at the end of the month.

Matthew Helfrich

Stony Plain’s Tea Gonzales is following in the footsteps of her mother and father.

The parents of the 17-year-old were musicians in their earlier years and inspired their daughter to get into the field. She is launching her first-ever professionally recorded single later this month. Gonzales says singing has always been in her life and been a dream job for years.

“My first performance was when I was nine,” she said. “I loved it and just kept performing. It was great to make people smile with my words.”

She was born in Edmonton and lived on the west side of the city before moving to Stony Plain in 2008. Her aspirations bagged her first place in an Edmonton talent competition in 2015 and 2016. In 2016, one of her biggest moments also came from another contest she entered into and ultimately won.

“The Big Valley Jamboree has a home grown talent competition and I got the grand prize,” Gonzales said. “I performed with Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt in front of 20,000. It was the professional highlight of the beginning of my career as an entertainer.”

Gonzales views herself as a pop-Rhythm&Blues artist in the vein of Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber or Demi Lovatto.  She hopes to use her personal experiences to tell stories like they do and relay messages about love, relationships and what people deserve through the stage.

Her latest work is called Say and is being produced by Alessia Cara affiliated producer Terence Tee Lam of Toronto. It is inspired by the stories Gonzales has heard from friends about their romantic partnerships.

Gonzales performing at the 2019 Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation’s annual Courage Gala. The Stony Plain teen is 17 and has been singing since she was nine.

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“They would come to me for advice,” she said. “It is about being cheated on, not knowing if you should tell the person and ultimately learning to keep yourself grounded and being able to say, ‘Hey, life goes on without that person being involved with me in my life.’”

The process began over a 10-day period in Toronto earlier this year and is now ready to engage with the public.

Gonzales said she finds it insane to be where she is now and would not have gotten to this point without the support of her parents after their music experiences.

“They basically gave me a choice when I was young,” Gonzales said. “I was on a path, but had the opportunity to do whatever I wanted to do. I took a bunch of different lessons in different things. I am always grateful to them and they are very supportive of this being my dream.”

She will soon take her voice to international stages as well, with an upcoming trip to Singapore for an international music conference being the first step towards accomplishing some of her other ambitions.

“The big goal is an international headlining tour. I want to connect with people who see me as someone who has a story, I do hope people enjoy what is coming up for my music,” she said.

The single launch party will be at the West Edmonton Mall Rec Room Aug. 30. Entry is free and doors open 7 p.m. before the show at 8 p.m..

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