Struggling Artists Gain Hope with “The Dream State,” Inspiring New Show by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

Image: left to right; Bayou Bennett, Daniel Lir, and Jason Dohring

Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

Struggling Artists Gain Hope with Upcoming Launch of “The Dream State,” A Highly Anticipated New Show by Directors Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir.

The first celebrity guest on The Dream State will be actor Jason Dohring of Veronica Mars and I-Zombie!”

— Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 24, 2017 — Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir also known as “Dream Team Directors” are an award-winning husband and wife writer/director team. They founded the in demand company Dolce Films and have partnered and created projects for top industry players including Doug Claybourne; Exec Producer of “Fast and the Furious” and “War of the Roses”, British superstars, Coldplay and Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo. Their talent and hard work has allowed them to create original content, commercials and documentaries for some of the highest profile and most influential companies and celebrities in the industry including; Adidas, MTV, Chromehearts x Bella Hadid, P. Diddy, Atlantic Records, and Patricia Field among many more. Their inspiring and innovative films, music videos and documentaries have won over twelve international film festivals.

Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir are now very pleased to announce their creation and upcoming launch of an exciting new show called “The Dream State,” that they will write, direct, and produce, all to help artists. The inspirational show will even be hosted by the Dream Team Directors, the award-winning husband and wife writer and director duo. The producers state, “The show stems from our passion in creating our film production company to help people reach their dreams.” In this way, the directors add, “Those we care about the most–the artists, who are the dreamers, will go on to create the world’s next hit songs, movies, art, style and fashion, and ultimately create a great, rich culture we can all be proud to live in.” As there is often no such thing as an overnight success, “Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir tell us that “The Dream State will be a unique, funny, touching, heartfelt series, that paves an effective road map for one’s personal entertainment dream and success to come true.”

Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir state, “Let’s face it, breaking into the entertainment industry is hard. And given its often cynical nature, some may wonder how anyone ever makes it. That is why it’s important to tune in to our new upcoming digital series called The Dream State; Without a Dream You’re Dead; a show that appeals not only to beginners who want to break into the industry, but also to those who have been playing the frustrating game, and want to get their purposes revitalized.”

Bayou and Daniel add, “In The Dream State, we have coffee and donuts at the iconic Hollywood Doughnuts while discussing dreams, sticking to your vision, overcoming industry barriers, defining success, and analyzing what created the career turning points for some of the greatest celebrities in music, film, fashion and art.”

The creators state, “Each episode will create engagement with a two way street whereby the audience can tweet in questions for the celebrity guest, receiving a minimum of five action steps for their career which they will report back on and implement a strategic plan to make their dream a reality.” They add, “The first celebrity guests will be actor Jason Dohring of “Veronica Mars” and “I-Zombie,” and the Godfather of Graffiti: Chaz Bojorquez.”

Bayou and Daniel promise that “The Dream State” will bring a positive perspective to the entertainment game, and will remind you that it is all just a game. Ultimately, they state, “What stands in people’s way in reaching success is their attitude, as well as the attitude of those that they meet along the way.” “After all,” they add, “We all need a little positivity in our lives!”

In other news, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir just wrapped shooting a great new one take music video for talented singer Jesse Jo Stark, who reportedly opened recently for Guns and Roses in Europe. The video, as featured in Vice dot com and as seen here below will reportedly be screening soon in the open skies on Virgin Airlines.

Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir’s film short “Text Me,” a brilliant and beautiful film that provides social commentary on love in the digital age, impressively racked up over 3 million views online–and growing. A partial list of the many awards that Dream Team Directors Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir have won include:

-Bronze Telly Award for “Hope for the World” Documentary 2017
-Best Documentary Short, “Hope for the World.” Wind International Film Festival 2017
-Best Documentary Short, “Hope for the World.” Impact Doc Awards 2017
-Winner of 2 Staff Picks and 3 Best Music Video Awards, “I Want You Bad.” 2015
-Best Documentary Short “LA Aboriginal.” Colortape Festival – Australia 2013
-Best Documentary Short “LA Aboriginal.” Honolulu Film Awards – Hawaii, 2013
-Best Documentary Short “LA Aboriginal.” Hollywood & Vine Film Festival 2013
-Best Documentary Short “LA Aboriginal.” International Festival of Cinematic Arts 2013
-Best Documentary Short “LA Aboriginal” NYLA International Film Festival 2012
-Best Comedy Award for “Text Me”. Indie Short Film Competition 2010
-Best Comedy Award for “Text Me”. Third Screen Film Festival
-Audience Award for “Text Me”. NYC International Film Festival 2010
-Best PSA Award (Narconon) from the Garden State Film Festival 2010
-Award for “Around the Block” TV pilot starring Lea Michelle of Fox’s “Glee”. NYTVS
-Canon Digital Creator’s Award. Digital Creator’s Contest. Tokyo, Japan.
-Ryuichi Sakamoto Award. Canon Digital Creator’s Contest. Tokyo, Japan

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Jesse Jo Stark – Driftwood, directed by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir