SUSTO frontman lands on BBC podcast Music Life

Jonathan Boncek SUSTO’s Justin Osborne discusses the balance between his professional and personal lives on BBC’s Music Life BBC podcast Music Life released an episode with SUSTO’s Justin Osborne and S.C. songwriter Josh Turner (at least, that’s how the BBC referred to him — you may know Turner from classics like “Your Man” and “All Over Me“) on Oct. 26.

On the show, Osborne and Turner talk about life, on and off the stage, and striking a balance between their personal and professional worlds. Even though they both wanted to make music, they took different paths to get to where they are now.

“When I started SUSTO, it was a means for me to be myself to people,” says Osborne on the podcast. “It was like a confessional vessel.”

SUSTO’s Justin Osborne arrives exactly where he’s supposed to be on Ever Since I Lost My Mind: Clear Vision

SUSTO’s Justin Osborne arrives exactly where he’s supposed to be on Ever Since I Lost My Mind

Clear Vision

I’m at Justin Osborne’s house at 10 a.m. on a Wednesday, a day I’d normally spend in front of a computer screen. Instead, I’m tagging along with the musician for a few hours — and, OK, eventually a few beers, too — to experience what life’s like for him right now and his ever-evolving, rapidly growing project, SUSTO

By Kelly Rae Smith


This type of vulnerability is exactly what’s offered in Osborne’s music. Turner also talks about his journey to becoming a country star. “When I was dreaming of being a country singer, all I wanted to do was get on a bus and go sing,” says Turner. “And that’s all I still really want to do.” No matter the road to get there, these two have found success in the music world.

To check out the whole interview about what two South Carolinian musicians have been crushing the music scene (since 2001, even) head here.