The Music of Stillness

By Celia M. Balderston


In Christian faiths, many people celebrate All Soul’s Day, a day that honors all who have faithfully departed. On Sunday, Nov. 3, Christ the King Chapel was filled as the Loras College Choirs hosted their fall concert, “The Music of Stillness.” According to Loras College’s choir director, Jeremiah Cawley the concert is dedicated to All Souls’ Day which took place the previous day.

The concert featured different musical pieces meant to honor and elicit emotions that people experience throughout the journey of life. The first piece, “The Souls of the Righteous” was performed by the chamber choir and is inspired by the Book of Wisdom. The next piece performed, “I Will Lift Mine Eyes,” is meant to bring listeners feelings of hope and trust in life. Following this piece comes “Only in Sleep,” which brings listeners back to fond childhood memories. Ending the show is “There Will Be Rest,” a song that dreams of peace in the world.

After chamber choir’s set, concert choir proceeded to sing. They started with the pieces “Good Night,” “Dear Heart,” and “Requiem.” All pieces try to make audience think of “someone recently passing and a loved one sitting at the graveside.” The choir continued the performance with “Bright Morning Star” and “Ain’t That Good News” which both talk about being in heaven and having a spiritual and joyful life.

At the end of the concert, both chamber choir and concert choir close their performance with the piece “Jesus Christ the Apple Tree” which is supposed “to cast the light of hope [on all who listen]”. Between each piece, listeners are encouraged to pray and keep loved ones who have passed close to their hearts. This spiritual and soulful concert left concert-goers in a pleased and uplifted mood.

*All quotes come from “The Music of Stillness” program*