Cresson, PAThe GETM Family is a collective of like-minded individuals. The acronym “GETM” in and of itself is a representation to strive.  “Give Everything To Music” However, perception is the key to question. This album, being acoustic rooted alongside alternative/folk driven, marked the first release of 2022 for Get’m Productions. And the first release with intimacy being a component used to drive the listener into a journey.

Growth. The most relatable and least examined enigmatic word of the English language. ‘To Thr33 From 3‘ opens up with a track entitled ‘Home’, the lyricism is detailed. A descriptive and textured, almost enthralling sense of relation can be sure to take the listener to a crave like state, where track 2 is sought for in expectation for resolution.

“The first few tracks are such a deep dive into a subconscious awareness, That’s why he chose to mark, midpoint, with a spoken-word message ending with a slamming closed book.” Skweeze Getm states. He then goes on “Truly, He always crave the feeling of completeness when it comes to my projects, this album, however, he chosed to go for an unresolved feeling to cap the story, It’s a life expectation in so many ways.” The following Get’m Productions has built has been hip-hop oriented in such a deep rooted way. However, Skweeze assures no worries should be entertained, stating that there are plenty of hip-hop projects on the way, including even some appearances of Haystak and Caskey.

The 9 track release is undoubtably a work that Skweeze & his ‘GETM Family’ hold high in importance for the movement. The album touches so many emotions, so fast, causing almost all listeners to feel need of reflection while not losing the enticing new developments within the content throughout. Surely, it is one that will be enjoyed by his followers for a long time.

To Thr33 From 3being the first release of 2022, the first acoustic album, and the first taste of Skweeze Getm with just him and his guitar, starts the content provided by this influence off with a new, yet comforting, and inrigueing textured intimate sound. Connecting with the message is almost unavoidable. The way the textures within the sound develope throughout surely shows Get’m Productions is at their best thusfar.

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Get’m Productions has had many difficulties, but the faceting of influential musicians is far too overly focused into the description of  ‘Genre’ to explain Get’m. Give Everything to Music being the mantra, treating all with due diligence as to respect boundary without forfeiting self-empowerment, and providing a community of socially responsible individuals is the priority of the creations Skweeze & The GETM Family promote, vibe to, and support.


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