Sutton Coldfield’s James Whiting is hoping to inspire people with his music – after producing a string of songs from his garden shed.

Artist James, musically Y-Ting, is set to release his first song, White Horse, which highlights domestic abuse.

He has incredibly written 200 more and says he hopes the lyrics of his songs resonate with people after he penned them based on his own experiences.

James Whiting, also know as Y-Ting

“I’ve built a shed in my back garden just to make music,” he said.

“I used to DJ up town from the age of 16 to 22 and promoted my own nights.

“I came out of music then and went into plumbing but I kept writing songs.

“I’ve got 200 and I’ve set up a label and everything.

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“All of my songs, everyone of them, has got a story and deeper meaning and I think they will connect with people.”

James, now a carpet fitter, has released a song called White Horse which he has shared with friends and family.

“Everybody who has heard it has been obsessed with it,” he said. “I wrote it in 45 minutes.”

“It is gathering quite a bit of attention.

“I’d like to think a lot of my songs highlight issues.

“White Horse is about domestic abuse which I feel it’s important to raise awareness of.

“It’s about a girl I met at a pub called the White Horse and she’d been through abuse.

“She inspired me to write the song.

“It includes the lyric, Leaving on my White Horse and, in the song, I’m the White Horse, supporting her.”

James built a shed which he uses as a music studio

“It’s a message that if you have been in an abusive relationship or are being controlled, have the strength to move on because there is someone right out there for everyone.

“I also have one called Stronger which is a message to people in a bad relationship that you can be strong and you can move on.

“I believe my music can touch people and help them. I want to make a difference to people, I really do.”

You can listen to James’ song at