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I began this enterprise in order to cultivate a socially and economically underserved creative demographic.”

— Chanel Anomaly Lanae, Managing Partner

ATLANTA, GA, USA, August 30, 2018 — No longer are musical careers defined merely by the ability to play an instrument, compose or sing a song. Integral to the equation is a balance among an aggressive professional strategy, a public “role model” persona and personal accountability. As well, upcoming producers and entrepreneurs are discovering the critical need for seasoned advisors in navigating that same road to success. With the advent, increasing impact, of the Internet, both competition and exposure have intensified exponentially. Among the established and the aspiring performers, these outside business consultants exercise their unique inside knowledge.

Forecasting market trends, leveraging resources, building relationships and maximizing exposure is the true “art-within-the art”. When combined with innate business savvy, street smarts and absolute commitment to those whom they represent and counsel, these advisors are the catalyst in the formula for excellence in a highly competitive marketplace.

In complement to publicity and sales, the most reputable of these specialists also focus on the personal development of their clientele. One-on-one coaching in such areas as financial literacy, social involvement and individual responsibility is key in supplementing commercial prominence with creative fulfillment. Both rising musicians and award-winning icons are increasingly learning that their own raw talent is simply insufficient to meet the demands of inner satisfaction and public appeal. Too often, one falls victim to the other, when in fact they are symbiotic. Short-term priorities take precedence over the long-term goals. Or vice versa.

The same has been proven true among a diverse array of high-profile names in politics, the news media, international relief charities, civil and human rights organizations. Throughout diligent research and numerous interviews, one name has pervaded the results. A1Caliber LLC is consistently identified as a “one stop” paradigm and driving force in the industry.

Chanel Anomaly Lanae, Managing Partner, summarized the company’s business model and vision “I began this enterprise in order to cultivate a socially and economically underserved creative demographic. We have built our own organization on ambition, acumen and devotion. We now work, have worked, with many of the biggest names (even before they were big names) in music, politics, entertainment and the public eye. We have penetrated the inner circle of the world’s largest, innumerable local, industry showcases and marketplaces. I’m very proud of my designation as a brand ambassador of MIDEM. We continue to provide the same “one stop” advice and guidance to upcoming musical artists.”

“We are very active in humanitarian efforts among more than 20 countries and volunteer time and treasure to numerous domestic non-profit causes as well. The philosophy has worked for us and continues to be just as rewarding in furthering the careers of those clients whom we serve.”

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