Philipa Baafi

Gospel musician, Philipa Baafi, has hinted of her graduation anytime soon as a medical doctor after her long absence from the music scene.

According to her, being a medical doctor was a longtime ambition since childhood, hence her intention to go for what her heart desired.

“At a point I thought of going back to pursue that childhood dream in order to assist mankind. So thanks to God I’m on course and very soon I will become a fully fledged medical doctor that’s why I was missing from the music scene,” she announced.


Speaking in an interview on GBC Radio Central, she explained that accounted for her unannounced disappearance from the music scene.

 “It is not true that marriage and childbirth made me leave the music scene. I went back to school to continue my ambition to become a medical doctor,” she said.

The ‘Go High’ hitmaker stressed as part of her passion drive, she already has a foundation that helps to supply free medicine to the sick, needy and poor in society.