“U.S. Premiere of “La Linea”-the Story of Everyday Life on the Mexico-U.S. Border at Grand Performances.
“U.S. Premiere of “La Linea”-the Story of Everyday Life on the Mexico-U.S. Border at Grand Performances.

Music performed by Panoptica: Roberto Mendoza.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 24, 2017 — Los Angeles, California—-July 2017——Grand Performances is pleased to announce the U.S. Premiere of “La Linea”. The project was conceived by Tijuana’s Nortec Collective founding member Roberto Mendoza who will be performing the music portion of this multi-faceted presentation on Friday, July 28 at 8:00 PM. He has been a key figure in the Mexican electronic scene and is working under the moniker Panoptica. Although “La Linea,” was envisioned prior to Donald Trump’s Presidential run, the relevance of this project during the present time makes the presentation prophetic and significant.

In addition to the musical performance, “La Linea” will feature LIVE modern, regional dance and distinct visual projections that tell the story of everyday life on the Mexico-U.S. border. The dance portion was choreographed by Manuel Ballesteros with graphics and video provided by Gerardo Audiffred.

Roberto Mendoza lives in Tijuana and explained that prior to the election, crossing the border to San Diego for a concert or clothes shopping seemed no different from passing from one local city to another. While he still crosses the border frequently, he elaborates that the journey has become a more mindful practice. Speaking about his personal: “La Linea,” Mendoza predicts that if the “wall” was ever constructed, the economy in both San Diego and Tijuana would collapse. Many workers cross from San Diego to Tijuana and the reverse is also common.

“La Linea,” was not designed to be a cautionary tale but a demystification of what it’s like to live in a border town where crossing the “line,” is a daily occurrence that thousands of people do from both the U.S. and Mexico. Mendoza expounds on the fact that “La Linea,” was not meant to be a political statement and yet it’s now impossible for it not to be.

Los Angeles has the second largest population of Mexicans in the Americas, trailing only Mexico City. Grand Performances is pleased to present the U.S. Premiere of a celebratory concert event that will both delight and enlighten our culturally enriched city. Grand Performances is located at the beautiful California Plaza at 350 S. Grand Avenue in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

MORE ON GRAND PERFORMANCES: Celebrating its 31st year, Grand Performances’ mission is to inspire community, celebrate diversity, and unite Los Angeles through free access to global performing arts. Hailed as the “Best Free Outdoor Summer Concert Series” by Los Angeles Magazine and called “a grand gift to the public… democracy in musical action” by the Los Angeles Times, Grand Performances presents high-quality music, dance, theater, and more during the summer at the breathtaking California Plaza in the heart of Downtown as well as at other venues throughout the year including the Los Angeles State Historic Park and LAX.

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