2019-11-26 14:57

Madosini Latozi Mpahleni

Madosini Latozi Mpahleni (Photo: Pedro Espi-Sanchis)

UPDATE: 18:13

Speaking to Channel24 Pedro Espi-Sanchis confirmed that Hollard has agreed to “step and in pay for Madosini’s medical cost.” He is currently in negotiations with the insurance group about bringing her safely home to South Africa. 

Johannesburg – South African musician Madosini Latozi Mpahleni suffered heart-complications during a performance in France on 15 November. The 76-year-old has been hospitalised in Annecy, and is reportedly unable to return home due to financial constraints.

Popularly known as Mama Madosini, she is well known for playing instruments such as the uhadi, mhrubhe and the jaws harp. She performs under the name Madosini and is regarded as a “national treasure” in her field.

According to Pedro Espi-Sanchis, who accompanied the Xhosa musician on her trip, Modisini was scheduled for three performances in Europe on 13, 14 and 15 November. 

Madosini speaks only isiXhosa and is unable to read or write

On her way to Geneva for her third performance, Pedro says Modisini “collapsed in the street and had to be admitted to the Clinique Mutualiste in Lyon where she was stabilised.”

The artist allegedly left the healthcare centre feeling “fully restored and in good spirits,” but while driving to the performance in Geneva later that day she asked to use the bathroom and collapsed for a second time – before being admitted to the hospital in Annecy. 

“An urgent medical repatriation for her needs to happen this week,” says the statement.

According to Pedro, Mama Madosini is in a need of urgent financial assistance to get back home where she can be with her family and receive further medical treatment. 

Documents obtained by Channel24 shows communication between Pedro and Hollard. The insurance group, who provided the musician with travel protection for the duration of her trip. 

According to the documents Hollard rejected the claim, saying: “The policy does not cover claims related to cardiovascular conditions, where you received treatment for a cardiovascular condition any time prior to your trip.”

Emails also show that Pedro has been in touch with the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, who said that they are “unable to provide financial assistance.” 

Channel24 reached out to the Department of Arts and Culture Chief Director Charles Mabaso, who was unable to comment on the matter at that time. 

For now, the main wish of Pedro is that Modisini returns to South Africa and “avoid further costs”. 

“Each additional day she spends in France adds to her isolation and costs about 2000 Euros,” Pedro says in one email.

This article will be updated once more information becomes available.

Compiled by Graye Morkel and Nikita Coetzee