Ruslan Turuntayev from Kazakhstan and Park Gang Hyeon from the Republic of Korea (RoK) won the Grand Prize in the violin category. The first and second prizes went to Jiang Zhenyi (China) and Hong Hyeon (RoK), respectively.

Vietnam’s violist Hoang Ho Khanh Van and Peter Fedotov from Russia shared the third prize. Van also received the award for Best Vietnamese Violinist.

In the chamber music event, the Grand Prize awards were given to Comme Toi Piano Duo group from the RoK and Ulysses Quartet and Trung (Canada, Poland, the US and Vietnam). Vietnamese band Amici Quartet won the second prize.

The organising board also honoured the two Vietnamese ensembles of Amici Quartet and L’ Espoir Trio as the best chamber ensemble and the most promising one, respectively. Meanwhile, Comme Toi Piano Duo was the most favoured group and Nguyen Thien Minh from Vietnam was named the best Vietnamese violist.

The Vietnam Musicians’ Association presented the Best Performance of Vietnamese Music award to Russian violist Feodor Ludovig and the Hope Star to Korean-American competitor Kyung Ah-oh and Japanese Kanon Aoki.

Many other auxiliary prizes were given to outstanding participants at the awards ceremony.

The International Violin and Chamber Music Competition was held in Vietnam for the first time, attracting 63 competitors from 19 countries and territories around the world.

Hoang Ho Khanh Van was honoured as the Best Vietnamese Violinist. (Photo: