Chip-thieving menaces of the sky.

Now one seagull can add raving to their specialist skills section on their CV after a video emerged online of a bird cutting some serious shapes.

Pamela Aitken was sitting in her car near to Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock listening to the rave classic Bits and Pieces when the seagull started dancing in time to the music.

The majority of birds rapidly tap the ground with their feet to attract worms to the surface of the grass.

It just so happens that this particular bird could also take a spot on Strictly.

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Pamela told the Kilmarnock Standard: “I arrived in the car park and parked up, then I saw the seagull doing this and it reminded me of myself and a friend on the spin bikes at the gym.

“We had videod each other on the bike doing a fast sprint to this song and when I saw its little legs going so fast, it reminded me of us on the bikes to that song; so I played it and recorded the bird and it went perfectly on time with the music.”

In the video, the seagull stops dancing, only to start up again while keeping in time with the music.

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