A multi-genre act, Chris Caulfield’s new project, “Stockholm Syndrome” grips listeners with a poignant blend of Alternative, Emo-era Rock, Hip Hop and more.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — January 20th, 2022- An evocative and powerful new single, “Stockholm Syndrome” is a rich delivery of singer-songwriter Chris Caulfield’s personal stories, comprised of deeply introspective lyrics and haunting melodies. Uniquely sewing together dynamic musical elements, the artist’s newest release stays true to its name, capturing the experience of “an emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage” with a subtle duality of meaning.

Rooted within a reflection of chronic pain and medications and how they can both help and hurt the user, the single encapsulates the idea of taking away pain seamlessly. Chronicling the pains of agitation, side effects, dependence, and social consequences, “Stockholm Syndrome” is a representation of substance abuse and the continual cycle of stress, mind fog, dependency, and pain.

Inspired by his own rough period coming into the pandemic and grappling with pressing issues of anxiety and depression which Chris feels he did not pay enough attention to, “Stockholm Syndrome” is a raw and burning narrative.

“It’s a big part of my new project, introspectively exploring some of those periods [of pain], from the perspective of betterment and reflection, and leaning into it in a cathartic way artistically, as an outlet mentally,” says the artist regarding his music.

A creative masterpiece, the new single was crafted from a pessimistic outlook, drawing listeners to relate and empathize with a person in denial, suffering from their own devices, rife with metaphors and visceral allusions.

Having released for listeners on January 10, 2022, “Stockholm Syndrome” is already making noise among audiences, who remain impressed by the rich blend of Hip Hop, Rock, Alternative, and other genres. Chris stands out by his unparalleled range, immersive song writing, and bold style, which is set to fortify him within up-and-coming heavy weights in 2022.

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Chris Caulfield is an emerging artist from Toronto, Canada, who is swiftly capturing the music world with his distinct musical style. Chris’s raw and poignant stories, embedded within moving lyricism and melodies, are delivered with a rhythmic blend of multiple genres, establishing him as a unique force in the industry.

Having a history of living in chronic pain, since he was in my early teens, Chris has seen a long road over the years with some years being better than others, continually battling his health issues. He started his independent business in his early 20s after doing a lot of freelance work- a period which was followed by a period of strenuous hard work. After setting up a home studio, Chris Caulfield went on a first wave of demos which made him work with an indie label in the UK and a small artist development team in Ontario. Using his unique opportunities, the artist remains driven to build his own “sound” and hone his musical skill set.


Chris Caulfield
Name: Chris Caulfield
Email: [email protected]


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itschriscaulfield
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