Somerset, New Jersey — When asked… “Who’s Peter ParkWay” A lot of questions arise. Is he a Musician or Merchant? Who knows!

Well, lately more than often. The Hip Hop community is getting the answer there looking for… Everywhere.

With his signature sound OY3 (Opportunity You 3arned) which he made into a Acronym. (His own personal Niche as he refers to it) Is being used by everyone.

So what makes you wanna even inquire about a artist from Central Jersey? Is it the relevant hustler or the Baritone conversational flow that he delivers? Idk. But it’s catchy to say the least.

It’s no doubt that he’s working or his craft & brands. I guess we’ll have to wait & see… Who Peter ParkWay really is!

You can catch Peter ParkWay on various media’s.




Born Pedro D. Covil in the smallest city of New Jersey. Started taking music serious out the blue. Which makes the term “Who’s Peter ParkWay” relevant. I’ve heard a nice catalog considering, he’s a late bloomer! With some great collaborations & vivid concepts. I see us all knowing… Who’s Peter.


Peter ParkWay
Name: Pedro D. Covil
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7329007324


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