YG‘s about to release the music video you could call the fruit of his extensive labor … pulling together that massive Black Lives Matter rally last weekend in Hollywood.

We’re told his new “F**k the Police” vid will drop early Friday, and while the song — for obvious, lyrical content, reasons — won’t get a lot of radio airplay, you know it’ll be all over the Internet. The song itself already has several million plays on YouTube.

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As we reported, YG shot much of the music video during Sunday’s Hollywood BLM rally, which he helped organize. With an estimated 50,000 people turning out, it was L.A.’s largest protest since George Floyd was killed — and we’re told parts of YG’s speech, which kicked off the march, will be featured in the video.

As the Compton rapper said Sunday, “This s**t been going on for too long. I’m tired of waking up, looking at my phone, seeing another one of my people killed by the police.”

He added, “I know if my brother Nipsey Hussle was here, he’d be right here with me.”

YG’s track is not a cover of N.W.A.’s 1988 classic … it’s a whole new version. In addition to the Hollywood BLM rally, we’re told protests from all around the country will be in the music video.