Taking a leap of faith, Absy virtually ventures into the unknown with a musical goal to inspire.
Photo: Supplied

Absy, as he is popularly known in the industry, started playing guitar in 1999 with professional classes and in 2001 studied the jazz guitar – his first instrument before mastering the pianos and drums.

Although he had a relatively early start in music, it wasn’t until 2014 that Absy decided to jump fully into music – composing and writing music for other artists before launching his solo career. Absy’s decision to focus on music saw him leave the corporate world in pursuit of his love for music. “I was down in KZN on the beach and thinking about life, and I thought of what really makes me happy and what inspires me.

“It obviously came back to music because I love music, I love playing and it got me through a lot of stuff in life. I made the decision right.” His initial involvement in church saw him perform on various stages – including the SA Gospel Awards – and now he has weaved out his own signature R&B, pop and hip-hop sound.

The Kelvin resident’s debut album, Say Something, is set to formally introduce Absy to the music scene. “I have an interest in various types of music. As a musician I appreciate all kinds of music, pop has always been my style. “I’ve always loved R&B pop and I rap a lot.” Working with LBoy, his producer since 2015, Absy’s style has been transformed and cultured to fit into LBoy’s unique execution style creating his best work to date.

“It’s been amazing so far, to create something from nothing.” Looking back at the epiphany he had on the beach, Absy said he was inspired by the need to take a leap of faith and virtually venture into the unknown with a musical goal to inspire. “Most of what I do is to inspire.

“I feel like there’s not enough positive content in South Africa, there are a lot of positive messages in the songs.” Collaborating with talented artists around South Africa has revealed Absy’s vision and vigorous style of music. Through engaging with professionals within the entertainment industry, he cultivated a professional character with the right attitude for his career. “I believe music is a communication tool. It translate into different ways of life and different cultures. Music has that intangible influence to just push through and guide people through life.”

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