A Rare Light at The End Of The Tunnel: International Gospel Singer & Recording Artist Francine Ealey Murphy Becomes The Guardian Angel The World Needs with New Single ‘God Is For Me’

With countless terrible things happening all around the world, Francine Ealey Murphy realizes that her music is a medium she must use to heal the hurt, love the unloved, and give hope to the hopeless.

Miami, Florida – August 28th, 2021- Francine Ealey Murphy began singing at the tender young age of three. Her first solo entitled ‘I HAVE A FATHER WHO CAN’ rang out loud through the crowded church on 58th Street in Miami, Florida, and she has, since then, stood out to her family and her friends as someone with the unnatural and incredible talent of understanding music. Everyone took notice of the little girl with the big voice.

As a child, Francine honed her musical gifts and skills as part of the Spirit of Life Ensemble, under the director of noted recording artist and choir director Pastor Avery Jones. It was Spirit of Life that afforded her the opportunity to travel throughout Southeast United States, singing praises of the Lord. As a high school student, she continued her musical journey under the sharp eye of Dr. Roscoe Speed.

In 2020, Francine released her billboard charting single ‘Take It By Force, and is currently about to release her latest single ‘God Is For Me’, which is a hopeful and invigoration gospel for the world to seek refuge in from all the evil happening around us on a day to day basis.

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Francine Ealey Murphy is a rising gospel singer and artist with tons of experience, who is slowly becoming a popular name amongst religious audiences. Her latest single, titled, ‘God Is for Me’ is releasing on all digital platforms around the world soon, and it is a manifestation of her growth and journey as an artist, encapsulating her desire to use her craft for good.

In 2017, Francine released her live album on all digital platforms. Just a year later, in 2018, she released a new single ‘A Miracle’, destined to be a song for the nation. In summer 2019, Francine kicked off her International Tour in Paris, France, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Israel, and Rome.

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