Up-and-Coming Rocker Banking on Love with His New Singles: John Darby Set to Release Two New Tracks

True to their mantra, Galactic Sol and John Darby’s new tracks are built off what the musicians believe is the everlasting love in the universe as they hope to bind their listeners together, showcasing expressive and touching sentiments with perfection.

New York, New York – September 21st, 2021 – With their distinctively indie cred, Galactic Sol and John Darby are ready to release their new singles “Rocking out of Our Minds’ and “Enjoy Your Musical Life”. Forming the soul of an act that treats everything around them with love and affection, the music of Galactic Sol and John Darby is also true to this, as they present their new singles.

Being believers in the transcendent capabilities of love, the act uses its music as a conduit for expression that can be used in transformative, impactful and stimulating ways. The ability of love to lure all listeners into a daze, and for them to know themselves better is something that Galactic Sol and John Darby himself would find difficult to explain if their music did not allow for them to do it so effectively.

The songs of Galactic Sol and John Darby present a well-known, if not an effective message. Treat others in a way, you would like to be treated yourself.  Where this will create a cycle of love for all human beings and allow for everyone to be immersed in love forever, creating a society that thrives off it.

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Having been immersed in music since he was born, it is no wonder that John Darby is a musician obsessed with his art. As he began playing the drums at the tender age of five, John would learn the ins and outs of the instrument from his uncle Brian, who was a professional drummer in The Bronx. Having experienced the golden age of rock when he was young, seeing various acts such as Pink Floyd, The Kinks and Savoy Brown at the Fillmore East, John would develop an interest in becoming a musician himself.

Growing up in a working-class environment, John would know that one of the biggest obstacles to music was not your own passion or hard work, as he would have multiple jobs at a time and have to juggle them with his hobby. However, even life’s many preoccupations and struggles would not stop John Darby, who went on to pursue music at the City College of San Francisco, and received an Associates of Arts degree, while also learning guitar. He also studied guitar in New York from teacher Ron Parmentier. Having experienced the love of the universe for himself, John Darby uses his music as a conduit to project it out into the world.

Name: John Darby
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100071006063033
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/john.darby.509/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3esLukQ6XmXLP7vGE42Lwk?si=WuHRMDpsSeiy19xiLAeSKQ&dl_branch=1